Fixing Roller Shade that does not roll up evenly (Telescoping). Menu

Telescoping happens when roller shades don’t roll up evenly, causing the shades to gather more on one side. Telescoping typically occurs when the shades are not level. To check if this is the case, use a leveler to ensure that the mounting brackets are aligned and level as well as the roller barrel.

If your roller shades are level but you still have telescoping, this could be due to the nature of the fabric that they are made from. Some fabrics are more likely to telescope. For an easy fix, first unroll the shade all the way (until you can see where the roller and fabric are joined). On the opposite end of the telescoping (ie where there is less fabric), place a small piece of masking tape. For extreme telescoping, two or three pieces can be placed.

fixing roller Shades

If you’ve tried leveling and taping your shades but still have a problem, then it might be time for some new roller shades or blinds.

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