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We offer several different fabric options, each with their own unique care tips. Read on to find out how to properly care for and clean your fabric blinds and shades. Remember, each product is different so be sure to read up on the type of fabric blinds you have specifically before you get to work cleaning them.

While heat may be ok for some fabrics, it can be damaging to others. Look at the products below to find yours so you can be sure to maintain your beautiful fabric blinds and shades for years to come.

Cleaning tips:

  • Look up cleaning tips for your specific shades before you get to work
  • Never use abrasive chemicals on your shades
  • Always use gentle cloths and products to clean or wipe down your shades
  • Always spot test cleaning agents on a free sample or on the backside of your shades before you apply to the entire window treatment


How often should I clean my shades?
You should be dusting the surface of your shades weekly to avoid a build-up of dust. The materials can be spot-treated as needed.

How do I get stains out of my shades?
The best way to make sure you don’t damage your shades while cleaning them is to double check the specific cleaning tips for the material you have. Vinyl finishes and delicate sheer fabrics will not offer the same instructions. To be safe, read up on cleaning tips for your shades first. In most cases, spot-treating them with a gentle cleaner will work.

Can I rub out tough stains?
No matter what material your shades are, you should never rub your stains out. This can damage the material. Instead, if your material can be spot-treated with detergent, use a gentle cloth and gently dab until the stain begins to fade. This may take more time but it will prevent unnecessary damage to your window shades.

Read up on more specific details for your products below:
Honeycomb Shades
Roller Shades
Roman Shades
Sheer Shades
Solar Shades

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