Troubleshoot Lift Problems with Blinds or Shades Menu

Lift problems can arise due to a malfunctioning cord lock mechanism. This piece snaps into the headrail and can prevent the roller pin from moving properly if defective. If you’re having problems lifting your blinds or shades, then follow these steps to help diagnose and fix the problem:

Lift Problems
  1. Make sure the lift cord is not twisted and runs straight into the cord lock mechanism without any obstructions. It should not be caught between the lift cord mechanism and the headrail.
  2. The roller pin needs to be able to move up and down, and should be loose when the blind is lowered.
  3. If your blinds are small (less than 20 1/8” net width) or have the controls on the same side, the lift cord may rub against the tape roll support creating tension.
  4. If the curved tabs that secure the cord lock mechanism onto the headrail are bent from use, they will need to be tightened. Simply remove the cord lock then bend the tabs upwards and replace the cord lock.
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