Safe Kids
Safe Kids

Safe Kids

Keeping Kids Safe

Window blinds and shades are a key part of any room décor, and help filter or block natural light as well as provide privacy. However, window coverings with cords are a hazard in any home with children, as children can become entangled in the cords which can lead to injury or even death.

New Canadian Window Covering Regulations

In order to eliminate strangulation risks to children due to accessible cords, Canada is enforcing new Corded Window Covering Regulations in Canada as of May 1, 2022. 

While there are many specifics in the new regulations, some of the key changes include the following:

  1. A reachable cord with one free end must not exceed 22 cm in length when it is pulled in any direction by the gradual application of force attaining 35 N
  2. A reachable cord with no free end must not exceed 22 cm in length between two consecutive contact points when it is pulled in any direction by the gradual application of force attaining 35 N
  3. If a reachable cord is pulled in any direction by the gradual application of force attaining 35 N, the perimeter of any loop, whether it is existing, created or enlarged, must not exceed 44 cm

These requirements apply not just to the lift cords, but also to inner cords and cords inside the window frame (including those found on horizontal blinds, top-down bottom-up shades & skylight shades), cords on the backside of certain shades (e.g. roman & bamboo shades), and any other reachable cords.

Note that this is just a brief overview of some of the requirements. For more details and specifics on the new Canadian Corded Window Covering Regulations, please click here.

What should I do with the corded window coverings that I already have in my home?

The new regulations only apply to new window coverings sold as of May 1st, 2022, so you can continue to use your existing window coverings.

However, cordless blinds & shades that comply with the new regulations are the safest choice for any home with kids and pets, so now might be the right time to replace some of your older, corded window coverings. 

If you do plan to keep your current corded window coverings, we recommend the following to provide the safest environment for kids:

  • Install only cordless blinds and shades in baby nurseries and kids’ rooms.
  • Ensure that pull cords are secured with a cord cleat, and that continuous-loop cords are anchored to the wall or floor.
  • Make sure there are no accessible cords on the front, side, or back of all window coverings.
  •  Follow the manufacturer's instructions and read all warnings. Corded window coverings become a greater risk if they are not properly installed.
  • Move all cribs, beds, furniture and toys far away from any windows with corded blinds/shades.
  • Keep all cords high enough so that they are out of the reach of children.
  • Make sure cord stops are properly installed and adjusted to limit the movement of inner lift cords.
  • Lock cords into position whenever blinds or shades are lowered.
  • Never tie knots in cords and untie any knots that form. Also remove any devices that form dangling loops anywhere on the cords.

Have any questions about cordless blinds and the safest window coverings to choose for your home? Our Customer Satisfaction Team is always here to help.

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