Frequently Asked Questions

When will my order be shipped?

Your order will go into production at our factory the next business day after your order. Most custom order products are shipped about 10 business days after they arrive in production, give or take a few days. Orders are shipped with Canada Post or CanPar ground service, so please allow 3-5 business days after shipment to receive your order.

COVID-19 Update: In order to make sure we are taking all necessary safety precautions to protect our customers and staff, our factories have implemented additional steps to sanitize and clean their facilities, and ensure proper social distancing between employees. This will cause lead times to be longer than normal for the time being. Before placing an order, please check the Shipping & Production tab at the bottom of each product page for current estimated production times. As always, we’ll provide tracking information for your order once it has shipped.

How do I pay for my blinds?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal.

Are prices in Canadian dollars?

We are a Canadian company, based out of Montreal. There are no duties, customs or brokerage charges to worry about. All prices are always in Canadian dollars. Shipping is free to most areas of Canada--see our Shipping Policy page for all the details.

When will I know my order has gone into production?

Select Blinds Canada will email you a confirmation as well as provide online tracking of your order immediately after your payment confirmation. When your order has shipped, we will provide a tracking number that allows you to view your exact delivery date.

Is it possible to delete or change my order after I have completed it?

Each order is sent to production within one business day after ordering. Please ensure that the sizes and colours are correct before ordering. Orders that are cancelled or changed may incur a fee. Do feel free to contact us as we will make every effort to make any changes we can without any additional charges.

If I order samples, will I lose the special discount because it will expire?

You are guaranteed today's sale pricing for 2 weeks.

Will I be charged GST/PST?

Taxes are charged based on where your order is shipping to. GST is charged on all orders, except those going to Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick and Ontario which will be charged HST. Provincial Sales Tax will only be charged for orders going to British Columbia, Manitoba, Quebec and Saskatchewan.

What is your shipping policy?

Shipping is free to Canada for blinds under 94". See our Shipping Policy page for all the details.

How do I order replacement parts for my window treatments?

To order replacement parts for a product you have purchased from us, please give us a call at (888) 685-1735 or contact us by email or chat . Parts under warranty are shipped to you at no charge. If possible, please have your order number when you contact us – otherwise, don’t worry, we will find it.

Why should and how do I order free samples?

Ordering samples is the best way to see how the product looks and feels in your own home before you buy. You can order up to 12 free samples at a time to help you find the right product and perfect material & colour for your needs. We even ship the samples to you for free. To order samples, click on the FREE SAMPLE button under any of the colours on the product pages of the site. Or, click here to get to the samples page for all products.

What is your return policy?

At Select Blinds Canada, we want to ensure that each and every one of our customers is completely satisfied, and we back this commitment with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied with the quality of your window coverings, simply let us know within 30 days from the time you receive your order, and we’ll do everything possible to make it right. And if you aren’t fully satisfied, we’ll provide you with a merchandise credit to be used on any other blinds of your choice.

In order to qualify, the original blinds need to be donated to a registered charity, with a copy of the donation receipt provided to Select Blinds Canada. Note that in certain rare cases (e.g. high value motorized blinds), we may require the original blinds be returned to Select Blinds Canada. Please contact Customer Service before donating any product.

How do I measure my windows to determine my blind or shade sizes?

Please visit our measuring instructions page.

How do I measure for Roller & Solar Shades?

Measure the same way as you do for other blinds, but keep the following in mind: Chain Lift: Distance from edge of window to fabric on inside/outside mount: 7/8" on chain side, 3/8" on opposite side for a total of 1 1/4". Spring Lift: Distance from edge of window to fabric on inside/outside mount: ~7/8" on each side for a total of 1 3/4". Finished product on all inside/outside mount Roller Shades & Solar Shades will be made to your size specifications and will be tip to tip. For shades with chain lifts, the actual fabric width will be 1 ¼” less than the total measurement for inside/outside mount, and for spring lifts, the actual fabric width will be 1 ¾ “ less for inside/outside mount.

We recommend adding to the width of your outside mount shades to ensure maximum coverage. For example: If you are ordering an outside mount shade with a chain lift at 64” wide x 60” high and want the actual fabric width to be 64”, then you need to order a size of 65 ¼” wide x 60” high.

*** Finished product on all inside/outside mount blinds will be made to your size specifications and will be tip to tip. The actual fabric width will be 1 ¼” less than the total measurement for inside/outside mount and chain lifts and will be 1 ¾ “ less for inside/outside mount and spring lifts. We recommend adding to the width of your outside mount blind to ensure maximum coverage. For example: If you are ordering an outside mount blind with a chain lift at 64” wide x 60” high and want the actual fabric width to be 64”, then you must order a size of 65 ¼” wide x 60” high.

How do I install my new blinds or shades?

Please visit our installation instructions page.

Can I measure my old window treatments?

No, because deductions were made on your old custom blinds at the factory, and you will not get the exact fit you need when ordering new ones. Use our how to measure windows guide to make sure you have the right measurements.

Should I round up or down 1/8" on my window measurements?

If your window measurements fall between eighths of an inch, round down to the nearest 1/8" for width and round up to the nearest 1/8" for height. For example: Width: 40-1/16" would round down to 40". Height: 40-1/16" would round up to 40-1/8". Watch our how to measure video for more on measuring your blinds.

What is the difference between 'min flush-mount depth' and 'min inside-mount depth'?

How deep (or shallow) your window is determines whether you can install, or mount, your blinds or shades as an inside or outside mount. "Minimum flush-mount depth" is the depth needed to mount the product fully into the recess of the window. This means that the product will appear flush with your wall and not stick out from the window frame.

The "minimum inside-mount depth" is the depth of flat mounting space needed to install the product inside your window. If your window does not meet the minimum inside-mount depth, the product cannot be installed as an inside mount. If your window meets the minimum inside-mount depth but not the minimum flush-mount depth, the product will not be flush with the window opening and wall and will protrude from the window frame. Before ordering blinds, be sure to check the depth requirements listed in the "Specifications and Installation" chart at the bottom of each product page.

Will I receive installation hardware and instructions with my product?

Yes, all products come with installation hardware and instructions. Installation guides are also available on our website.

Are your blinds of the same quality as major name brands?

Our line of quality custom blinds is equal or better than the mass producers. We hand select the woods that are used and have quality control checkpoints set up in dozens of areas throughout the production process. We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, including Perfect Fit and Colour Match Guarantees, on all products. We're sure you'll love your new blinds! See what past customers have to say by viewing our testimonials.

What is the difference between inside and outside mount?

The difference between inside and outside mount is the way in which the blind or shade is hung. Inside mount is attaching the blind within the window sill so that the blinds or shades are flush with the wall. Outside mount is when a blind or shade hangs outside the window sill and extends beyond the wall or door.

Is there a minimum window sill depth for an inside mount?

Yes, there is. Under the specifications for each product we list the minimum depth for an inside mount blind.

How do I decide which Solar Shade openness percentage is right for what I need?

Check out the information and different openness options on our Solar Shade Buying Guide page.

I would like to order two blinds on one headrail with the lift and tilt controls in a particular location. What do I do?

Please include details on the desired lift and tilt control location in the Notes section on the “Review Your Order” page for each product. For instance, for tilt controls on the outside of the two blinds on one headrail, please write: left blind tilt position is left, right blind tilt position is right.

What is the difference between faux and real wood blinds?

Affordability is the biggest difference between real and faux wood blinds. Real wood blinds are made from 100% basswoods, while faux wood products are made from durable PVC vinyl.

Many faux wood stains have a wood-grain-like finish, so you can get the look of real wood without breaking the bank. Faux wood blinds are also more resistant to moisture, heat, humidity and scratches, and repel damaging UV rays, so they won’t fade or warp when exposed to sunlight. Most faux wood blinds are actually heavier than their wood counterparts, so when you are ordering blinds for larger windows, consider the weight of the product when it comes to lifting and lowering them.

How do top down/bottom up shades work?

Cordless top down bottom up shades function on the same set of route cords attached to dual-action top and bottom rails. Position your coverings wherever you want them by pulling down on either rail to lower the shade and pulling up on the rail to raise it. Corded products operate with two strings or cords -- one for top/down operation and one for bottom/up. Simply pull on the cords to raise and lower the shade where you want it. Take a look at all of our products that offer top down/bottom up options.

Are colours on product samples accurate?

Due to the lighting on laptop or smartphone screens, colours can vary quite a bit from one screen to another. Ordering free samples before you buy your blinds is the best way to make sure you're getting the colour/fabric that you want.

Also, because of minor variances in wood's natural grain, there is no way to assure the exact colour of our stained wood products. Another factor to consider when sampling colours is that dye lots change frequently, so there may be slight differences when you receive your actual product. If it has been over a month since you have ordered samples, we recommend ordering another sample of the same colour to ensure you are getting the exact colour you want for additional blinds. And if you're ordering multiple treatments for the same room, we strongly suggest that you order all of the blinds/shades at the same time to ensure they are from the same dye lot so that they match one another.

How are motorized products operated?

Many of our products offer a motorized upgrade with rechargeable batteries that make it possible to lift and lower your blinds with the touch of a button. Our motorized options include products that can be operated with an attached push-button wand, or programmable remote controls. Check out our selection of motorized blinds.

Can I use one remote for multiple motorized shades?

Yes. With most of our motorized blinds, you can operate more than one shade with a single remote. Remotes can be pre-programmed at the factory to operate multiple blinds together or individually. You can find more details on motorization, including how many shades a remote will run, under the "Product Info" tab on the product pages. If you need further assistance, please contact our Customer Service team.

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