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Honeycomb/Cellular Shades
The most energy efficient window shades
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Honeycomb/Cellular Shades

Honeycomb/cellular shades are one of the most popular window coverings for good reason. These beautiful, energy-efficient shades come with a wide choice of options.
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1/2" Double Cell Value Light Filter Honeycomb Shades

1/2" Double Cell Value Light Filter Honeycomb Shades

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*Final price based on promotional discount.
I love all my new honeycomb blinds! Good quality materials, easy install parts, and they insulate really well. I will be ordering more soon! - Sharon Aaltonen - Medicine Hat, AB



With their attractive appearance, energy efficient insulation and many customizable options, it’s easy to see why honeycomb / cellular shades are the best-selling window coverings at Select Blinds Canada.

Our honeycomb / cellular shades are a top window covering choice for interior decorators as they are available in a wide range of designer colours and fabrics to complement any room décor. Honeycomb shades are also very versatile and can be installed either inside or outside the window frame.

Honeycomb Shades


Honeycomb / cellular window shades get their name based on the shade looking like a honeycomb when viewed from the side. These window covering are made by combining hundreds of honeycomb-like cells to make a beautiful, soft, and energy efficient shade. This distinctive construction enhances the insulation and energy efficiency of your home - keeping your house warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Honeycomb shades are available in single and double cell options. Shades with single cell construction weigh less, which may be a better choice for large windows. Double cell honeycomb shades provide increased insulation and additional light filtering.

The size of each cell in a honeycomb shade comes in a range of sizes, from 3/8" to 3/4". This is primarily an aesthetic decision in terms of which size you like best.




A key benefit of honeycomb / cellular shades is the many light control options available, including light filtering, room darkening and blackout. Light filtering honeycomb shades soften harsh sunlight by allowing a moderate amount of sunlight to filter through the window. For extra light blockage, you also have the option of room darkening and blackout fabrics, which are ideal for bedroom and media room use.


Cordless blinds and shades are the ultimate choice for child safety, as they eliminate the risk of cord entanglement. The cordless feature also allows for a clean, streamlined look for your honeycomb shades.

There are several different cordless options available for your honeycomb / cellular shades, including the Select Blinds Lift-and-Lock system. This cordless mechanism makes for a smooth, gliding release so that opening and closing your cordless blinds is easy and tension-free.

For many of our honeycomb and cellular shades, you can also upgrade to cordless top down/bottom up and motorized options.

Top Down Bottom Up


With honeycomb and cellular shades, you have two different lifting options from which to decide. You can choose traditional lifting, where the shade is raised from the bottom. You can also choose the top down/bottom up option, which allows you to raise and lower your shades from either the top or the bottom.

The top down/bottom up option has the advantage of allowing you both privacy and a view. Allow sunlight into your home by lowering the top portion of the shade while still maintaining your privacy by leaving the bottom part of the window covered. This option is particularly useful in areas where privacy is desired including bathrooms.

Continuous Cord Loop


With the continuous cord loop option, the lift cord always stays at the same length, with no extra cord hanging down when the shade is raised. This is not only an aesthetic plus, but also a very good safety feature, especially if there are small children in the household.

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