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Pleated Shades
Quality shades featuring light control and privacy
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Pleated Shades

Quality value shades featuring light control and privacy
• Energy efficient • Light filtering or room darkening
• Cordless options
Shop Pleated Shades for a simple, energy-efficient window treatment solution. current site promotion
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1/2" Double Cell Value Light Filter Honeycomb Shades

1/2" Double Cell Value Light Filter Honeycomb Shades

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  • Available in extreme widths
  • Cordless & Top-Down Bottom-Up options
  • Perfect Fit Guaranteed
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*Final price based on promotional discount.

Pleated Shades

Cordless pleated shades are the perfect combination of simplistic beauty and modern functionality. While they’re similar to honeycomb/cellular shades, they also have their unique differences. Pleated shades are made from a single layer of fabric folded into crisp pleats, whereas honeycomb/cellular shades are made from multiple layers. Cordless pleated window shades are also considered a more budget-friendly alternative to honeycombs. They are actually some of the most versatile shades on the market, providing great features and benefits and complementing every interior design style.

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Options and Cordless Lift Systems

Pleated blinds are completely customizable, and because of that, you have a lot of design options from which to choose.

No-Holes Privacy – Pleated window blinds have little route holes through the fabric that allow the internal cords to lift and lower the shades. These route holes let in little pinpricks of light. If that bothers you, you can always upgrade to no-holes privacy. Instead of the cords coming through the fabric, they go through tabs on the back of the fabric.

Multiple Shades on One Headrail – If you have wide windows, use the multiple shades on one headrail option. The shades will work independently, but have a cohesive look because of the shared headrail. This ensures the shades aren’t too heavy, and it makes them easier to operate.

Cordless Lift System – All of our pleated shades come standard with, or have the option of, a cordless lift system.

Top-Down Bottom-Up – The top-down bottom-up lift system lets you lower from the top, letting in natural light while keeping the bottom closed for better privacy. This modern lift system is perfect for any style, from traditional to contemporary.

Energy Efficiency

Pleated window blinds are great coverings for improving your home’s energy efficiency. The pleats trap unwanted air before it enters your home, keeping your home’s interior at a comfortable temperature all year long. Save money on energy costs with pleated shades. It’s that simple.


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