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Not only are our Aluminum Mini Blinds one of the most durable and affordable window treatments you can get, they are also very simple to clean. You can clean your aluminum blinds just as you clean your faux wood blinds.

Start by using a damp cloth to wipe the dust off your blinds on a regular basis. You should try to dust them at least once per week. Be careful not to bend the slats when you clean. Start from the top and wipe across from one side to the other. If there is visible dirt on your aluminum mini blinds, mix water and liquid dish soap and place the mixture in a spray bottle. Spray your blinds and gently wipe them clean. Be sure to avoid very hot water as it may damage the finish. Instead, use lukewarm water for a proper cleaning job.

Aluminum Blinds

Cleaning tips:

  • Use a gentle microfibre cloth and avoid abrasive sponges
  • Avoid harsh chemical cleaners
  • Never bend slats to clean them


How can I give my aluminum blinds a deeper clean?
If your blinds have a lot of dirt and grime on them, you may want to give them more than just a light dusting. In this case, you can remove the blind and let it soak in the bathtub in lukewarm water. Mix in some liquid dish soap and allow the blinds to soak for about 30 minutes. This will help loosen up stuck on dirt. Drain the water, rinse the blinds, and wipe clean with a cloth.

How do I maintain my mini blinds?
In addition to cleaning them regularly, you should also take care to use them properly. Always use the lift system to adjust your blinds. Avoid bending slats because this can cause permanent damage to the slat.

Can I use a dry cloth to clean my mini blinds?
Yes, you may use a dry cloth to remove dust on a weekly basis. You only need to use a damp cloth or soapy water if there is an accumulation of dirt and grime. Otherwise, a quick dusting with a dry cloth will do the job.


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