CONING/SKEWING: This can occur when the shade rolls up towards one side. Even though the factory ensures proper alignment before shipping, they may become skewed. For example, if the shade hits an obstacle, such as a window crank, while being opened, then it may cause the shade to tighten on that side.

Solution: Lower the shade completely. Slightly tug the short side then raise the shades. If this doesn’t fix the problem, adjust the weight in the bottomrail by turning the bottomrail screws.

HORIZONTAL VANES NOT OPENING ALL THE WAY: Over time, the fabric in horizontal blinds may relax causing them to open more freely.

Solution: With the blinds in the down position, open the vanes. Then, roll the bottomrail towards you all the way to the top while gently applying tension on the back. Anti-static spray should also be applied occasionally to stop the vanes from clinging together.


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