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To keep your wood blinds looking their best, you should dust them at least once per week. Regular maintenance and cleaning will help prevent the build-up of dirt and grime on your wood blinds.

To clean each slat thoroughly, open your blinds to a 45-degree angle and be sure to dust both the front and back of each slat. Although your wood blinds are sealed, wood can still absorb water and moisture. Try to avoid using liquid on your wooden slats to prevent your blinds from water damage.

Cleaning Tips:

  • Dust each slat, starting from the top, with a light feather duster, dusting mitt or dry microfibre cloth (note that an old sock pulled over your hand is a great way to remove dust at the same time from both the top and bottom of each slat)
  • Use the gentle attachment on your vacuum to get a deeper cleaner
  • Avoid using damp cloths
  • Do not apply water or chemical cleaners, other than as described below


How do I remove stuck on dirt and grime?

If your blinds haven’t been cleaned in a while or are in a high traffic area, dirt may start to build up. A light dusting may not do the trick. In this case, you can use some mineral spirits sparingly to help remove the grime. Be sure to use very little product and gently rub in a circular motion to clean off the dirt. Though mineral spirits are safe for most wood surfaces, it’s still best to test on a small area first.

What kind of cleaner can I use?

With regular dusting, you should be able to avoid the use of cleaning liquids, but if you do have some built-up grime to remove, use a wood-safe product. You should not use any chemical solvents. Also avoid applying vinegar as a cleaning agent.

What kind of cleaning cloth should I use?

Any soft cleaning cloth can be used, but microfibre material will pick up the dust on your wood blinds best. Avoid cloths with rough sides for scrubbing. A soft, dry microfibre cloth should do the trick.

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