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Known for their unique construction, honeycomb/cellular shades are specifically designed to trap air inside for maximum energy efficiency. This means they can also trap dust inside the cellular shape. Regular dusting of your honeycomb/cellular shades will keep them looking newer, longer.

Start by using a gentle brush attachment to carefully remove dust from the outer layer of the shades. You may also use a feather duster but a vacuum will offer a better clean. Be sure to follow the design and gently vacuum from one side across to the other. There will also be dust accumulation between the cells. To remove this, you can use a hair dryer on a cool setting to blow the dust out. Do not use your hair dryer on heat as it may damage the fabric.

Cleaning tips:

  • Use a hair dryer on a cool setting to remove dust between each cell
  • When using a feather duster or cloth, look for fabrics like microfibre which attract dust better than other fabrics
  • Be sure to gently dust your honeycomb/cellular shades so you can retain the shape of your shades


Why do my honeycomb/cellular shades have a yellow tint?
When dust accumulates between each cell or on top of a white or light-coloured honeycomb product, it can cause the material to yellow slightly. To avoid this, loosen the dust with a hair dryer on a regular basis.

Can I remove stains from my honeycomb/cellular shades?
If you happen to notice a stain on the fabric, you may spot treat your honeycomb shades (blot, but never rub, the spot). You can try a gentle stain remover or liquid dish soap. If you want to see how the material reacts to your cleaner before applying it, you can test a small patch on the back of your blinds. Or, if you still have your free sample, you can test it out there first.

Can I wash my honeycomb/cellular shades?
No. To preserve the fabric, we recommend you avoid wetting and washing your entire shade. It is best to spot treat stains as needed instead.

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