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Do your windows meet at a 90-degree angle? We get it. It can seem daunting, but we can assure you, it’s easy to get these measurements so you can still DIY your own window coverings. Here’s how to measure your corner windows right:

1. On the product page of your choice, scroll down to “Specifications & Installation.” Look for the “minimum flush-mount depth” measurement to determine whether or not you can inside mount your shades. There may be different depth requirements for different lift systems so be sure to check for the correct measurement.

Mounting Depts

2. Measure across the inside top of each window, all the way to the end of each window – even if those sections overlap.

3. Decide which window you’ll hand the “butt” blind on and which window will host the “full” blind. We recommend placing the full blind on the longest window. The full blind will be mounted all the way to the corner where the windows meet. The butt blind headrail will stop at the full headrail. It Is possible there will be a slight light gap between them.

Corner 1 Corner 2

a) For less of a light gap (and more light blockage and privacy), deduct the flush mount depth from the width of the butt blind and enter that measurement as your width.

b) If you don’t mind a little light gap, deduct the flush mount depth from the width of both windows. This is generally considered more aesthetically pleasing, but the gap will be more noticeable.

4. Measure everything a second time and double check you have noted them down correctly. Remember to round to the nearest 1/8”. Do not take any deductions. We will automatically take the necessary deductions during production. 

5. Measure the height of each window individually. (Watch this video)

6. Be sure to select “Inside Mount” when placing your order.

That’s it! You’re done measuring for your bay windows. If you aren’t sure what to do at any point, don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer care team. We’re always happy to help!



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