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How to measure for installing two separate blinds in one window Menu

Two window blinds on the same headrail

If your window is too large to install only one blind or shade, you will need to install two separate blinds in the same window. These window coverings will require special measurements to make sure they will fit perfectly.

Note: These instructions do not apply to honeycomb blinds.

  1. Measure at the top, middle, and bottom of your window using our measuring instructions.
  2. To determine the size of your blinds, you must do a simple calculation. First, divide the total window width by two, then add ¼” to that number. This will be the size of each blind. Enter this number onto your order.

    For example, if your window is 80” wide, you would order two blinds that are 40 ¼” each.
    80”/2 = 40”
    40” + ¼” = 40 ¼”

  3. Choose inside mount when ordering.
  4. In the notes section, specify that you want both blinds on one common valence. You MUST click UPDATE in order to save your notes.
  5. To calculate the length of the valence, take the total width of your window and subtract 1/8”.

    If your window is 80” wide, your common valence would be 79 7/8”.
    80” – 1/8” = 79 7/8”

*If you want to order 3 blinds for one window, follow the same steps as above, but with a slightly different calculation in step 2 (the valence calculation is the same for both types). For 3 blinds on one window, divide the total window width by three, then add ¼” to that number.

For example, if your window is 90” wide, you would order three blinds that are 30 ¼” each.
90”/3 = 30”
30” + ¼” = 30 ¼”

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