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There are several factors to consider when deciding between wand or cord tilt controls for your woodfaux wood, or aluminum blinds. Blinds typically have the wand tilter on the left side (as you face them), with the lift cord on the right. This is considered the standard configuration, and is the default option when you order blinds. This setup will help you to remember which side lifts and which tilts.

If you want a more symmetrical look, the wand can be replaced with a tilt cord. This free upgrade is available on all of our wood and faux wood blinds.

Should you decide to put both the lift and tilt controls on one side, the wand tilter option should be used to prevent confusion when operating your blinds.

If you need two blinds on one headrail for your large window, proper placement of the controls is key. Each individual section of blind will have its own controls, meaning four different cords or wands to get in the way. Most people choose to keep the tilt and lift controls together on the outside, so they won’t obstruct your view when you open your blinds.

For those ordering 3 blinds on one headrail, deciding where to put the controls and how to divide your window coverings can be a challenge. The two outer blinds should have controls on the outside to limit obstruction. Hanging cords from the middle blind can’t be avoided. Where to split your window coverings can also make a big difference in terms of aesthetics. For example, if you have a large window in the middle surrounded by 2 small windows totaling 100 inches, you can choose to make the middle section 50” and both side sections 25”. Our customization options will allow you to get a beautiful look which really complements your windows.

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