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While you might think choosing a mount position for your window coverings isn’t important, it can actually have a fairly large impact on how they look and function. Since our blinds and shades are custom made based on your measurements, it is essential to accurately measure your windows so that you can mount your blinds easily and effectively. It is especially important for inside mount blinds, since there is very small room for error. Accurate measurements will also reduce the small amount of light which peaks through the space between the blind or shade and the window frame.

Inside mounted blinds and shades are optimal if you want a clean look. They are installed inside on the top or the corner inside the window frame, depending on the bracket. They can also be mounted as deep or shallow as you want.

Inside MountOutside Mount

Like the name implies, outside mounted blinds and shades are installed outside the window frame, and will extend past it. Unlike inside mount blinds, outside mount is a much more flexible option. Because the window frame itself does not matter, you can choose almost any window covering. In addition, you can install them on the window frame, ceiling, or wall.

Outside mount blinds are optimal for all windows with a shallow frame. French doors, for example, have a very shallow window frame, which make it extremely difficult to install inside mounts. To avoid visually overwhelming the door, small window coverings should be chosen. The most popular choices are 1” real wood or faux wood blinds, or 3/8” single cell honeycomb shades.

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