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Roman shades are available in a wide range of fabrics and colours. To keep your roman shades in top shape, we recommend dusting them regularly with the gentle attachment on your vacuum or a gentle handheld vacuum.

Because of the delicate fabrics, avoid wetting your roman shades unless you absolutely need to spot treat a stain. To remove a stain, use a damp cloth with a little bit of water and gentle laundry detergent and gently dab the stain. You may gently rub in a circular motion to lift the stain without damaging the material. 

Roman Blinds

Cleaning tips:

  • Do not use bleach or stain removing laundry products to get rid of stains
  • Avoid wetting the material
  • Do not apply heat directly to the material. Instead, allow spot-treated areas to air dry.


Can I wash my roman shades?
We do not recommend washing roman shades in the washing machine. Instead, try to spot clean them as necessary. 

How do I dry my roman shades?
Do not out your roman shades in the dryer or use a hair dryer to dry them. Instead, allow them to lay flat to air dry. If you need to iron out the material, place your iron on the lowest setting and gently press the material. 

Can I use stain remover?
If you have tough stains on your roman shades, you may use a laundry stain remover that is bleach-free. Always test the cleaner out on the back side of the shades before you apply to a noticeable area.

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