5 Tips for Ordering Custom Blinds Online

Ordering your own custom blinds may seem complicated, but the whole process – from ordering to installation – can actually be much easier than you think. Keep these five tips in mind when purchasing your custom window treatments to guarantee a quick and easy transaction.

woven shades

1. Determine Your Needs

Before you commit to any blinds or shades, make a list of each room in your home and your needs in each one. For example, you may need total darkness in your bedroom so Blackout Honeycomb Shades would be a good fit. For your kitchen, you may prefer something easy to wipe clean like Faux Wood Blinds. If you’re looking for trendy and chic in the living room, you’ll want to look at something like Roman Shades or Woven Shades.

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6 Interior Design Tips for Your Bathroom Windows

You may only have one window in your bathroom, but your window treatments can make all the difference in how your design comes together. Here are some of our top interior design tips for maximizing space and boosting the Wow-factor in your bathroom project!

woven wood shades

1. Choose Light Colours

Bathrooms are not the biggest space in the house. Most of the time, you want to make it appear larger and brighter. Choosing light fabrics for your window shades or blinds will brighten up the room and make it appear larger. Dark colours can make a small space appear even smaller. Think Woven Wood Shades for your bathroom project if you want to open up the space and maximize style.

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DIY Home Project: Fall Window Treatment Tips and Ideas

We’re always up for a good DIY home project – especially when it includes stylish new window treatments! As the fall approaches, it’s a good time to start thinking about winter-friendly products. Here are some of our favourite fall window treatment ideas for your DIY home decor project.


Fall Window Treatment Shopping

If you’re looking to redecorate this fall, here is a closer look at some of the top trends for the Fall 2020 season for your DIY home project.

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5 Tips for Choosing the Right Window Treatments

Choosing window treatments for the whole house can be overwhelming. With all the colours, textures and designs, it can be tough to choose. Here’s our quick and easy guide to understanding window treatments so you can choose the perfect products for each room in your home.

solar roller shades

Breaking Down Window Treatment Shopping

Choosing the right window coverings for your home is a big project. The first thing you’ll want to do is break it up into pieces. Make a list of each room you need window coverings for. Then consider these five tips for each individual room before making your final choice.

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5 Interior Design Tips for Choosing the Perfect Bamboo Shades

Bamboo shades stand out for their intricate texture and natural finish. The natural luxury trend sweeping the interior design industry proves natural is chic. At least, that’s what the design experts at Houzz have to say about it. In fact, trends have revolved around natural materials and warm accents all year. Read on to find out how to incorporate bamboo shades into your home, no matter what your style is.

Bamboo shades interior design

Why Are Bamboo Shades a Must?

In a nutshell, natural luxury is the trend we’ve been seeing loads of this year. From wooden flooring to marble accents, natural finishes are dominating the industry. And so far, there are no signs that this trend is disappearing anytime soon. In fact, the natural textures and warm accents are becoming even more popular over time.

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5 Things To Bear In Mind When Combining Curtains And Blinds

Many homeowners tend to face the dilemma of choosing between curtains and blinds as window treatment. There are pros and cons for both, but at the end of the day, the answer totally depends on what you want. So, if you’re struggling with this question, think about this: why not combine both curtains and blinds?

Give this suggestion a moment to digest. Roll it around your mind. Let it take root. The more you’ll think about it, the better it’s going to feel. It may be an unconventional idea, but it’s getting pretty popular with homeowners who want to get the best of both worlds. If you’re hoping to try it out, here are 5 important things to bear in mind when combining curtains and blinds:

1.  What’s the purpose?

Photo by Malcolm Garret from Pexels

While curtains are just an upgraded version of ye old drapes, blinds have a much more functional and ergonomic variety that you must choose from. Some advantages of blackout blinds is that they can prevent any light from coming in while honeycomb blinds have that opaque quality that diffuses outside light like a lamp. Similarly, there are blinds that are designed for heat retention, minimizing peeking, and even just adding some style.

On the other hand, curtains are much more straightforward. They simply consist of fabric that can be pulled back for light control – although many curtains these days have a blackout backing or are paired with sheer curtains to get a layered lighting effect.

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Get Summer Ready with Outdoor Shades

10% Outdoor Solar Roller Shades in Chocolate

As temperatures rise, our focus shifts from inside to outside. Why not take advantage of summertime when the living is easy? Outdoor shades can make your backyard or balcony as comfortable and inviting as your living room. Take the party outside with some advice on how to pair seasonal trends with outdoor shades.

THE TREND: Indoor-Outdoor Living

Block 99% of harmful UV rays

Blurring the line between the indoors and outdoors means you just made your living space a whole lot bigger. The rusty patio pieces deemed good enough in the past have given way to comfortable, functional and beautiful sets that deserve to be protected. When you eliminate the barrier between indoor and outdoor spaces, consider safeguarding your investment. Outdoor shades that block harmful UV rays aren’t only protecting your skin, they’re also shielding your patio furniture and other furnishings. Keep your outdoor patio set vibrant for years to come with with shades that filter out the sun damage and fading which can result from UV exposure.

SUN FACT There are three types of UV rays: UVA, UVB, and UVC. Both UVA and UVB can be harmful to skin.

THE TREND: Minimalist Outdoor Design
WHAT TO CONSIDER: Functionality

A minimalist look is a great fit with the outdoors. To follow this trend, every piece you choose needs to serve a purpose. When looking for outdoor shades for a minimalist space, think about the design that best serves your goal. Do you want something that can withstand the weather year-round or will you store shades in the off-season? How big of an area do you want to protect? Are you willing to go manual or do you prefer a motorized model that can cover your outdoor gathering with the touch of a button? Take all of this and more into consideration and then pick the perfect set of outdoor shades that fit your needs.


Diffuse light and reduce glare

What do you get when you combine grey and beige? Greige! It’s the ultimate neutral hue and on trend this summer. Look for the outdoor shades and accessories that flow seamlessly into the nature of your backyard. Sticking with earth tones means nothing will interrupt the serene landscape as you enjoy your natural surroundings.

THE TREND: Combining Materials
WHAT TO CONSIDER: Fabric assets

5% Outdoor Shades in Ecru

Combining materials in your outdoor space is all about embracing what speaks to you. Mix things up when it comes to fabrics, textures and styles. Canvas chairs can complement a wood table. Why not a wicker lounge with concrete planters? When it comes to outdoor shades, pick the material that works for you. Tightly-woven fabrics offer UV and rain protection, while mesh can block sun and still accommodate air flow. A lower openness factor (1% instead of 14%, for example), will give you some more privacy, but a higher openness will give you a better view of the backyard. Make your own rules and design the patio that works for you.

However you choose to enjoy your al fresco space, there’s no denying the pure pleasure of summer living. With so many outdoor shades to choose from, it’s easy to create an oasis. Cheers to patio season.

Decorating your Windows for Spring

Spring is in the air. The longer days and vibrant colours often inspire a home décor refresh. If you’re feeling invigorated by this season of renewal, we have some ideas on how to decorate your windows for spring.

Roman Shades

Premium Light Filtering Roman Shades in Saffron

Revitalizing the look of a room doesn’t have to mean putting in a lot of work or spending a lot of money. Roman shades can be the perfect fix when you want to swap out an older look with a bright new splash of colour.  Roman shades are available in spring-inspired florals, coastal stripes, and a whole rainbow of lighter colours. With a variety of folds, you can choose the Roman shade with a classic or modern look to fit your space perfectly.

Embrace the Light

Light Filtering Sheer Shades in Ice White

Replace dark window treatments with lighter colours and fabrics to brighten and freshen an entire room. Try Light Filtering Sheer Shades that softly filter natural light and create a comforting, warm glow in your home. And take advantage of playful patterns and eye-catching floral prints to bring the outdoors in!

Window Dressing

Window coverings can look like art, occupying a significant amount of wall space. Bring spring inside with soft pastels and verdant greens reminiscent of the garden. Mimic spring’s early blooms with the yellows of daffodils and forsythia by selecting a roman shade in saffron. Or choose a honeycomb shade in the lavender of a crocus or a fabric roller shade in moss.

Break away from solid colours and embrace a pattern to show the playful side of spring home decoration. Striped curtains can be a bold statement that still fit your overall style. Florals aren’t the only pattern in town—for example, a honeybee print in brown or green is sure to create a design buzz.

Spring into Action

Spring is a time for regeneration, revitalization, and rejuvenation. Why not bring that same attitude to your home with a quick and easy facelift? A simple change in window coverings can transform any room like a breath of fresh air.