Window Blinds for Small Spaces: Creating the Illusion of Space

Window blinds and shades are an important part of any home decor project. They can also make a huge difference in terms of making a space appear bigger than it is. Read on to find out how to choose the right window coverings to complement your small space and create the illusion of grandeur in your home.

zebra shades

Hang Curtains High

A great way to add the illusion of length is to place your custom drapes as close to the ceiling as possible, rather than directly over the window frame. This draws the eye upward and helps to create the illusion of higher ceilings and more space. Another pro tip is that lighter materials work better at creating the illusion of length than heavy materials. Aim for something light and airy like our White Linen fabric pictured below when shopping for the right window blinds for small spaces.

Classic Drapes in White Linen

Choose Inside Mount if Possible

In some cases, you don’t have much choice because your window frame isn’t fit for inner mount blinds. However, if you have the choice, we highly recommend going for an inner mount over an outer mount when choosing window blinds for small spaces. The outer mount shades naturally cover up the whole window and cover up more of the wall space. This can make the space look a bit smaller than it is. Choosing an inner mount will help showcase the window frame and leave more wall space around it.

Opt for Light Filtering Shades

If you are adding new blinds or shades to a room that doesn’t require blackout shades, we recommend choosing a light-filtering product to maximize natural lighting. Bright sunshine filling the room makes a space look and feel larger than it is. Another great tip is to choose a lighter colour over a darker one when choosing window blinds for small spaces.

Match Blinds to the Wall

Choosing shades or blinds that bend in with the wall colour rather than contrast with it can help add the illusion of grandeur. Contrast cuts the space up and the stark difference can make even a large space look smaller. If you are already working within a tiny space, the room can appear cramped.

Choose Vertical Blinds

When choosing window blinds for small spaces, you want something that adds height or at least the illusion of it. Much like drapes, vertical blinds draw the eyes up and that helps add the illusion of height to any room. Vertical blinds are not what they used to be. We carry a wide range of luxury fabrics and various colours to match every style and home.

Go For Minimalist Design

When searching for window blinds for small spaces, you may want to stay away from bold patterns or any window covering with too many pleats. If there is too much going on in one area, it can make the whole space look cramped and tight. To maximize space, you want to choose something clean, simple, and basic. This will help the window coveting blend in and make the space appear lighter, brighter, and bigger.

Always Choose Custom Window Coverings

When you head to the big box stores, you can expect to choose from a few set sizes for an outer mount. These sizes may be far too wide for your window. If the window covering visibly surpasses the window frame, it can make the space look very compressed and small. Custom window coverings are designed to fit your exact window. You also don’t want the headrail to pop out of the window frame with an inside mount, so the luxury of choice is important when it comes to design, especially if you want to conceal imperfections or flatter your space.

Which of these tips do you think you’ll consider when shopping for your window coverings?

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