5 DIY Installation Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

Installing your own blinds can be very simple and easy – as long as you follow our instruction guides for the secrets to a flawless DIY project. To make sure you avoid the common pitfalls, here are the DIY installation mistakes you really, really don’t want to make!

designer woven wood bamboo shades in cora

When we say our DIY blinds are easy to install on your own, we mean it. Even if you’re a beginner DIYer, you can successfully install your new blinds in a snap. Just so long as you don’t fall into the traps of these very common mistakes.

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5 Reasons to Buy Bamboo Shades

Bamboo shades have so much to offer to your DIY home décor projects. They offer a variety of finishes, colours, and styles to blend in seamlessly with anything from coastal-chic décor to modern farmhouse perfection. Read on to find out why you need to buy bamboo shades for your next project.

designer island woven wood shades

Photo Credit: @designsixtyfive

1. Bamboo Shades Add Texture

Woven shades are composed of the finest intricately woven jute and bamboo textures available. They add so much to a room, especially if you are going for a neutral, monochromatic style. With a monochromatic look – especially a neutral one – things can look boring if you don’t add in something to break it up.

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Inside Mount vs Outside Mount: What’s the Difference?

If you’re shopping for new window blinds, you’re probably learning a bunch of terms you never really thought much about before. For example, terms like “inside mount” and “outside mount.” If you’re wondering what the difference is with these mount types, keep reading. Find out what inside mount and outside mount mean and why each option is ideal for different reasons.

inside mount roman shades

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