Are Vertical Blinds Still in Style?

Vertical blinds are certainly one of the more classic and traditional window treatments on the market. But trust us when we say today’s vertical blinds ain’t your grandma’s vertical blinds! They’re a timeless window treatment simply because they remain practical and convenient. While the concept remains the same, vertical blind materials have come a long way. So, are vertical blinds still in style? Yes! Read on to find out why.

sheerweave panel track blinds

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How Do You Completely Black Out a Room?

Are you looking for a way to maximize your sleep? Create a peaceful and serene space for rest by completely blacking out your room. Light creeping in through the windows can disrupt your sleep and for some, it can be impossible to get back to sleep after the disturbance. A dark room – no matter how bright it is outside – will help you get a longer and more restful sleep. Read on to find out how to completely black out your room for better sleep.

super value vinyl blackout roller shades

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