Earth Day: Make the Planet a Greener Place

April 22 is Earth Day – a day to consider our global support in protecting the environment. There’s no doubt that our current way of life generates some harm to the planet.

We can’t reverse climate change or undo all the damage that has been done, but we definitely can make greener choices every single day to help contribute to a better tomorrow. Even your choice of window coverings can help make a difference. Read on to find out more.

Photo credit: Photo by Amy Shamblen on Unsplash

How to Lead a Greener Life

This Earth Day – and every day – you can make small changes to your daily life that can have a positive impact. Here are a few ideas that you and your family can implement to help make the world a greener place for the next generation:

  • Plant a tree
  • Avoid single-use plastics
  • Switch to reusable bags
  • Switch to online billing statements versus printed
  • Make use of your neighbourhood compost program
  • Replace light bulbs with LED bulbs
  • Donate or recycle clothing and other unwanted items versus throwing them away
  • Take quicker showers
  • Don’t overuse heating or air conditioning

Shop Greener

Did you know that even when it comes to window coverings, you can make more sustainable choices to help reduce your carbon footprint?

Choose GREENGUARD Shades

We are proud to offer GREENGUARD Gold Certified window coverings. These products are low-emitting so they contribute to cleaner air in your home. They are screened for more than 15,000 volatile organic compounds (VOCs) known to pollute indoor air to help keep your family safer and healthier today!

Go For Energy Efficient Shades

Did you know that our honeycomb shades are specifically designed to help insulate your windows, keeping your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter? Lowering your energy consumption saves you money year-round but it also contributes to a greener tomorrow.

Favour Sustainable Materials

Made from real bamboo, our woven window coverings are sustainable products. Made without synthetic fibres, these natural products decompose much quicker than plastics. Reduce your carbon footprint with bamboo shades today.

Block Harmful UV Rays

Did you know that our solar roller shades help block harmful UV rays from getting into your home? This can protect your floors, furniture, rugs, and – most importantly – your skin from UV damage. Plus, these shades also block heat so you won’t have to kick your air conditioning into overdrive on a hot summer’s day, minimizing energy consumption.

Did You Know?

Have you heard of our Perfect Fit and 100% Satisfaction guarantees? If your window coverings don’t fit or you are not satisfied with them, we can replace them. But what happens to the original blinds? To qualify for a free remake we ask our customers to kindly donate their blinds to a local charity so they can be put to good use for those in need. Our blinds won’t end up in a landfill if they don’t fit just right.

What are some of the things you and your family might consider doing this Earth Day to help support a healthier planet? Share your Earth Day activities with us below in the comments.

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