Instagram Influencer Favourites in 2021

If you need a little bit of design inspiration for your spring redecorating projects, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some of our most liked influencer photos, straight from our Instagram feed. Browse these images for our influencer favourites, featuring the latest home decor trends – and our fabulous blinds, of course!

Make an Accent Wall

We love this geometric print wallpaper used to create a super simple accent wall. The wall is gorgeous and makes a real statement all on its own. We love how Michelle Amsbaugh decorated with a simple centre mirror and our Premium Plus Bamboo Shades for a texturd effect.

premium bamboo shades

Credits: Design by @m.a.interiordesign / Photo by @tracey.jazmin

Layering Drapes and Shades

Layering adds a whole new element of style to the room, which is why so many of our  followers loved this photo by designer Victoria Dawson. We love the neutral drapes paired with our Value Cordless Bamboo Shades – our most affordable woven shades.

value cordless bamboo shades

Credit: @vicskitchentherapy

Bright Window Seating

Window seating is all we can think about these days, so we’re not surprised this look was one of our influencer favourites. We would love our own built-in window seating in just about every room of the house. Irina Mazhukhin did a fabulous job with this cozy nook. The Classic Light Filtering Roman Shades allow so much natural light in to really brighten the space, making it even nicer.

classic light filtering roman shades

Credit: @mintandpinedesign

Textural Style

Combining multiple textures in one room can help add a whole new level of depth to your space. This living room includes some natural texture from our woven shades, a soft faux fur throw, wooden shelving, and a fabric ottoman. Together, these varied textures work together to give them room a more stylish appeal.

premium plus bamboo shades in Narra

Credits: Design by @m.a.interiordesign / Photo by @tracey.jazmin

Golden Kitchen

Golden accents in the kitchen combined with the soft and natural finish of the light wood cabinetry and our Premium Plus Bamboo Shades make this picture-perfect kitchen absolutely jaw-dropping. We love how interior designer Haley designed this very chic farmhouse-style kitchen.

premium plus bamboo shades

Credit: @houseahomenapa

Which one of these popular Instagram trends in your favourite? Cast your vote below!

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