Holiday Home Decor Tips

Decorating for the holidays is arguably the most fun part of the holiday season – besides family and friends and all that jazz! There’s something about garland that just really gets the holiday spirit moving throughout the home. Trends can come and go and holiday décor can change over time. Here are some of our favourite home décor trends for the holidays. You may want to give some of these a whirl this holiday season.

holiday wreath decor

Decorate the Kitchen

Decorating the kitchen is all the rage right now. Understate wreaths on cabinets or island stools is a great way to achieve a holiday-ready look at home. Just look at how Canadian influencer LeeAnn Mullins does it in her very own kitchen.

You can even put a eucalyptus style garland over the window frame like one of our favourite Canadian influencers, Christine Kissick. Of course, there is one key thing to keep in mind with kitchen holiday décor: less is more. You can bring garland or wreaths into the picture but not both. And to keep things classy and elegant, choose plain greenery over decorated. The idea is to add a subtle hint of holiday cheer into the central room in your home.

holiday window decor

Neutral Christmas Tree

If you’re putting up a tree, it’s time to put those coloured lights and bright red accents to rest. This year, you’ll want to stay on trend with a neutral tree. Think white, gold, beige, and other neutral tones. The 2021 trend is far from the traditional but it blends in seamlessly with neutral home décor.

classic roman shades

Kari Keene shows this trend perfectly in her living room. A neutral living space with an understated tree and it’s absolute perfection. (Our Classic Roman Shades don’t look too shabby there either!)

Keep It Minimalist

Minimalist holiday décor is the goal for this holiday season. You want every room to have a hint of the holiday season but nothing overwhelming. Resist the urge to slap red everything all over the place. Keep it neutral, understated and chic for a trendy 2021 holiday season.

premium roman shades

We love this adorable holiday shelf design by Krishna. It has just a subtle hint of holiday décor with the white houses and naked trees. It’s so cute and festive and brings so much holiday to the room without overdoing it.

If You Have Kids or Pets…

If there’s one thing we know about chic holiday décor, it’s that little hands have creative ways of destroying it all. We know having young children can make it tough to incorporate some of these sophisticated trends so here are some kid-friendly tips to help you manage a stylish holiday décor that works even with young children or pets around.

  1. Keep your understated décor high up. This can mean choosing wreaths on the cabinets instead of the island stools, for example.
  2. Keep breakables out of reach. Breakable ornaments should be at the top of the tree. Invest in some plastic ones for the lower end of the tree just in case.
  3. Set up two trees. If you want to make sure your children don’t touch your beautifully decorated, modern tree, give them a small one of their own to decorate themselves. This will take the heat off your trendy tree.
  4. Skip the staircase décor. We love garland on the staircase as much as anyone but small children and pets can easily damage them. Instead, spend your time draping garland over the fireplace mantel, the window frame, or even on the stove hood.

What are some of your 2021 holiday home décor tips? Which of the trends listed above are you interested in trying out for yourself? Let us know in the comments below.

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