6 Interior Design Tips for Your Bathroom Windows

You may only have one window in your bathroom, but your window treatments can make all the difference in how your design comes together. Here are some of our top interior design tips for maximizing space and boosting the Wow-factor in your bathroom project!

woven wood shades

1. Choose Light Colours

Bathrooms are not the biggest space in the house. Most of the time, you want to make it appear larger and brighter. Choosing light fabrics for your window shades or blinds will brighten up the room and make it appear larger. Dark colours can make a small space appear even smaller. Think Woven Wood Shades for your bathroom project if you want to open up the space and maximize style.

2. Opt for Sheer Window Treatments

Sheer shades will let natural light in and brighten up the room. If your bathroom window has an arched shape, sheer shades can make it the focal point of your room. They allow the beautiful window design to stand out when natural light is shining in.

3. Try Roman Shades

Roman Shades are some of the most stylish and elegant window treatment options on the market. With so many designs, patterns, and textures available, you can easily transform your bathroom into a picture-perfect design – straight out of a home decor magazine. Think patterns, prints, and bold designs to really make your windows pop.

4. Wall-to-Wall Drapes

If you want to turn even the smallest space into an elegant one, wall-to-wall drapes are ideal. The best way to maximize the room size and call attention to those dramatic curtains is to opt for a sheer fabric that maximizes natural light and calls attention to large windows.

5. Skylight Shades

If your bathroom has a gorgeous skylight, maximize it! Enhance your skylight with Light Filtering Shades in a neutral fabric. When the light shines through, your skylight window will become a pivotal part of your bathroom design project.

6. Keep it Simple

If you have an accent piece in your bathroom, or bold walls already, you should keep your window treatments muted. Opt for something like Faux Wood Blinds. They’re practical, affordable, understated, and durable. They can also withstand humidity and are very easy to clean.

When it comes to designing any area of your home, you have to factor in a few things like style, functionality, and budget. Before you commit, you can order several free samples to see how each fabric selection will look in your room. Have any questions about bathroom interior design? Ask us in the comments below and we’d be happy to help.

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