Transform Your Space: Home Décor Trends for 2021

We’ve all been working from home, living with lockdowns, and have spent way more time at home this year than ever before. The more you hang around your space, the more you realize it’s time for a change! Here are some of our favourite home décor trends for 2021 that can totally transform your place.

pantone ultimate grey and illuminating

Grey and Yellow Décor

Pantone named two colours of the year this year instead of only one. They are naming Ultimate Grey and Illuminating (a bright yellow shade) as their tops picks for home décor in 2021. We like the idea of sticking with grey for the most part and highlighting the room with a few yellow accents for a modest yet trendy look.

Dark Accent Walls

Incorporating some dark hues into your style is a hot home décor trend for 2021. A black or charcoal wall can add serious contrast to your room. We love how this trend is super easy to recreate and is a cost-efficient way of completely transforming a room. The dark paint speaks for itself so you won’t be shopping around for accent pieces. Just a fresh coat of statement-worthy paint and voilà – refreshed!

Diamond Pattern Flooring

This year, designers are loving diamond pattern flooring – especially in smaller spaces, like the bathroom. This is a great way to add depth and style to a room. This can totally modernize your bathroom. If you’re considering a bathroom renovation, consider choosing this stylish tile option instead of traditional tiles. If you decide to maximize this look, remember to keep the rest of the décor and the walls muted to offset these edgy floors.

diamond pattern flooring

The Natural Trend

This year, you can count on seeing more and more natural finishes and textures. Think wood, greenery, and sustainable materials. The natural trend is a simplistic style that hinges on exotic finishes and natural textures. Our bamboo shades come in a variety of finishes to help you complete the natural trend perfectly. (Get more details on the natural home décor trend right here!)

designer woven bamboo shades

Wallpaper is Back

Patterned wallpaper is back and better than ever. If you had a bad experience with wallpaper in the 80s – and who didn’t? – don’t stress. Not only is today’s wallpaper much simpler to apply and remove, but the current patterns are much more subdued. Think understated florals or geometric prints. The only thing to keep in mind with wallpaper is that less is more. Wallpaper can make for a beautiful accent wall or decorate a tiny space. Try to avoid wall-to-wall wallpaper all over the house.

What do you think of these home décor trends for 2021? Which is these styles are looking forward to trying out in your home this spring?

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