7 Signs You Need New Blinds

Are you wondering whether or not it’s time to replace those blinds of yours? As the blind experts, we’ve put together a little list of signs your blinds are begging to be replaced. Here are the top signs you need new blinds for your home.

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1. Warped, Broken, or Discoloured Slats

If your blinds are starting to look discoloured, damaged, or bent, it’s safe to say it’s time to refresh your windows and invest in some durable new blinds. Certain colours can stain over time, especially in rooms with lots of humidity like the kitchen or bathroom. As much as you try to maintain them with regular cleaning, there reaches a time when it’s just to difficult to scrub those stains away. Bent slats are difficult to fix, especially with mini blinds. If kids have been pulling at them for year, it’s time to replace them.

2. Unsafe Cords

So you bought your blinds before having kids and now that dangling cord is a safety hazard. This is the perfect opportunity to switch to cordless – or better yet, motorized – shades. Cordless shades are easy to operate and you won’t have to worry about the safety of your young children or pets. Plus, no cords offer a sleeker, more streamlined look to your windows.

3. Always Jammed

If your blinds are constantly getting jammed due to years of wear and tear, it’s time to get new coverings on those windows that operate smoothly and easily. The cords running through wood and faux wood blinds can eventually get damaged as they are used – especially if they are improperly used. If they constantly jam, it’s time to get new ones.

4. You Want More Privacy

You turned that spare room into a new bedroom and there’s way too much light coming in. It’s time to outfit those windows with some blackout shades that provide privacy and block out incoming light. The light filtering shades may have been fine before but as your needs change, your blinds may need to change, as well.

5. You Just Moved In

Moving into your new home is amazing – until you realize you only have sheets for curtains! Time to shop for new window treatments to complete your DIY home décor project. You may not have window treatments in your new place, or you may just not like the ones that are there. Plus, you’ll want blinds that suit your needs in each room.

6. You’re Just Plain Tired of Them

Working from home means you’ve been staring at the same blinds all day and you just realized, you don’t even like them! Since home is the main place you’ll be for the next while, why not invest in some new shades?

7. Instagram is Making You Do It

Ok, ok, so you don’t need new blinds, but these Insta-inspirations are making it difficult to resist. Select Blinds Canada has all the designer styles and fashions to help you refresh your space. If that weren’t bad enough, we recently launched an entire Inspiration Gallery to make it even easier for you to redecorate your space. You may not have needed new blinds yesterday but something tells us today is totally different!

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