How to Add Texture to Your Home Décor Style

Learn to add texture to your home décor style so you can add more character to your design project. If your room hinges on neutral tones or you’re aiming for a monochromatic look, learning how to add texture to your home décor style can help keep the whole space from looking bland. Keep reading for a few tips on subtle ways to incorporate more texture into your room.

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Mix and Match Throw Pillow Finishes

Contrasting colours in a room is important, but the same goes for texture. Look for throw pillows with unique stitching, tassels, faux fur materials, or even beading to add texture to your home decor style. The mix of textures can help make your throw pillows really pop and make the whole room look more vibrant – even if you’re working with a monochromatic colour scheme.

Add Throw Blankets

A bouclé throw blanket draped over a leather sofa is a great way to take a smooth and simple piece of furniture, and give it a fresh look. Throw blankets also look great in woven baskets – another textured product. Throw blankets are a cost-effective way of adding some personality to your room.

Shop for Accent Rugs

An area rug is a finishing touch that adds loads of texture to a room. Different patterns and prints can also work to add the illusion of texture. Whether your area rug blends in or stands out, the textures and prints will instantly give the room more depth.

Bamboo Shades

Our Bamboo Shades are made from intricately woven natural fibres that bring a little touch of the outdoors inside. They work well for a coastal décor style or even a modern farmhouse look. Adding texture to your window coverings brings a little flair to your home décor style.

Layer with Drapes

Adding custom drapes to your windows can add an extra dimension of decor to a room – even if they are just for show and you don’t intend to use them. If the room is understated, consider adding a patterned fabric to your windows. If your room is jazzed up already, you should choose a neutral tone instead. The layered trend can still add depth and character to the overall look and feel of the room.

Add Greenery

Consider adding real or faux greenery to your room for added texture and colour. You can add a statement-worthy plant to an empty corner, or dress up a plain wall with wall-mounted plants instead. Adding a little greenery will give your room a more natural style and will add some more unique texture to your design project.

Dress Up the Walls

Wallpaper with a complementary pattern to your design, or a textured paint finish (think French wash walls) can really bring your whole design together. The understated details of your wallpaper or paint will add just the right amount of flair to your room and keep even a neutral or monochromatic room from looking boring or plain.

The Golden Rules of How to Add Texture to Your Home Decor Style

It is amazing to experiment with different finishes and textures, but remember that although variety is a good thing, you should try to choose elements that complement each other instead of elements that compete with each other.

You want your new design to come together flawlessly. Think of adding textures the same way as adding accent furniture. You want to add just a touch of it to really stand out. If there is a new texture everywhere you look, it can make the room look busy and cluttered. Instead, remember that less is more.

What are some of your favourite tips for adding texture to a room?

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