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When selecting window coverings for your home, it is important to consider privacy as well as style. Select Blinds Canada offers window coverings that give you both. Here are just a few of your options for window coverings that provide privacy.

Top Down/Bottom Up

Cordless Top Down Bottom Up Cellular Shades offer privacy.
Top down/bottom up window coverings allow you to control the amount of light and privacy in your home. You can raise the shades from the bottom and/or lower them from the top. This allows you to keep the bottom part of your window shades closed for privacy, while keeping the top open and letting in natural light. The top down/bottom up option is available with honeycomb/cellular, bamboo/woven wood and roman shades.

Solar Shades

Solar Screen 14 Percent Roller Shades will offer an amount of privacy.

Solar shades have different levels of openness, from 1% (most private) to 14% (most open). A small openness number means a tighter weave in the fabric, which not only protects against a higher percentage of harmful UV rays, but also makes it harder to see in your home from the outside, particularly during daylight hours. For greater privacy, you should choose solar shades with a 1% openness factor.

Bamboo Shades with Privacy Liners

Woven Wood Shades provide just the right amount of privacy.
Bamboo shades are made from natural materials which can have small gaps. But with the simple addition of a privacy liner, you can have that natural bamboo look while maintaining privacy in your home. Or as an alternative, by adding a blackout liner, you’ll get darkness and privacy, a perfect option for bedrooms and nurseries.

Honeycomb/Cellular Shades

Many honeycomb/cellular shades come in light filtering and blackout options.
Honeycomb/cellular shades come in light filtering and blackout options, both of which provide a high degree of privacy when the shades are closed. An additional advantage of cellular shades is that they are energy efficient and will help you save on home energy costs.
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