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If you live on a busy street or in an apartment or condo with loud neighbours, you can help reduce noise with the right window coverings. While they may not completely soundproof your house from external noise, they can help reduce some of the sound from the outside, making your home quieter and more peaceful. Take a look at these options for noise reducing window treatments:


Good Housekeeping 3/8 Inch Double Cell Light Filtering Noise Reducing Window Coverings
Honeycomb/cellular shades have a cellular construction which makes them great for reducing noise. These shades are best known for trapping air from outside and providing good insulation, but they also block some outside noise from getting into your home. The double cell option will give you even more protection.


Good Housekeeping Room Darkening Romans help reduce noise.
Roman shades have a fabric construction, which can reduce outside noise from entering. By adding a privacy or blackout liner, you can reduce noise even further. Remember - the thicker the fabric, the better the sound protection, and the less noise will come into your living space.


Grommet Drapes are an elegant noise reduction solution.

Drapes are another fabric shade option, like roman shades. Similar to roman shades, the thicker the drapes, the more effective they will be at reducing noise. Pairing drapes with honeycomb shades will mean even more noise reduction in your home. This kind of layering isn't just functional, but it's stylish too.

Have more questions about window coverings for noise reduction? Our Customer Satisfaction Team is always glad to help.

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