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Who doesn’t want to save money on energy costs? And one of the easiest ways to be energy efficient in your home is through your window coverings. Window coverings are not only chic and stylish but help keep your home at a more comfortable temperature while also keeping your budget in check.


Good Housekeeping 3/8 inch Double Cell Light Filtering Shades are energy efficient window coverings.

Honeycomb/cellular shades’ unique construction supplies extra layers of insulation for your windows. Heat or cold from the outside is captured within the cells of the window covering, which helps keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. These highly efficient shades come in both single and double cell construction (with the double cell being more energy-efficient).


Energy Efficient Window Treatments like these Solar Shades block out harmful UV rays.

Solar shades safeguard your home from up to 95% of harmful UV rays. Since they also block a significant amount of heat from the outside, they are particularly energy-efficient for summer and warmer climates, where these shades will keep your home cooler. Solar shades’ ability to reduce glare from the outdoors also makes them a great choice for your home theatre or media rooms.


Adding a liner to your roman shades will make them more energy efficient

Roman shades are fabric shades, so they supply some degree of insulation. While not as energy efficient as honeycomb shades, if you need just a moderate amount of insulation, roman shades are a good option (especially if you add the optional liner which provides extra insulation).

However energy efficient you need your windows to be, you can find the right window coverings. Select Blinds Canada has a wide variety of window coverings that are both energy efficient and stylish. To learn more, contact our Customer Satisfaction Team.

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