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Educators know that designing an ideal classroom environment is essential for students to succeed. While windows might seem like just a small part of the classroom, they can easily encourage or distract from the learning environment. Choosing the right window covering is a key element of any classroom design.

Natural light is essential to keep your students happy, energized and focused. The right window coverings create the right environment by providing the benefits of natural light while preventing glare, unwanted heat and outside distractions. 

When choosing window coverings for the classroom, durability is a key component in the decision making process. Select Blinds Canada has a wide range of durable choices at affordable prices, so you will be able to meet your needs within your budget. But, budget friendly doesn’t mean simple and dull. You can keep costs down while still maintaining a stylish and clean look. And even more important than style is safety. A great way to prevent accidents in the classroom is to install cordless window coverings. All of the blinds & shades below have cordless options, so you can have a safe and great looking classroom.



If you like the look of real wood blinds, but need an option that is durable and able to withstand weather, institutional wear and tear and children’s curious hands, consider faux wood blinds . These easy-to-clean blinds are resistant to humidity and moisture so they won’t warp, crack or fade. The best part of faux wood blinds is that you get the look of real wood without the cost. Faux wood blinds are a less expensive option, but you won’t sacrifice style for value. 



Remember when roller shades used to be all or nothing when it came to light exposure? That’s no longer the case. There are now roller shades that allow natural light into the classroom even with the shades closed. These light filtering roller shades reduce glare and limit the view to the outside, keeping students focused and preventing distractions. If you need darkness for multimedia viewing, blackout roller shades create an ideal environment. Whatever your needs, roller shades come in a huge variety of fabrics, colours, prints and patterns.



Aluminum blinds are commonly found in classrooms, and for good reason. Aluminum, or “mini”, blinds  are affordable, easy to clean and durable. These blinds now come in a wide variety of colours that are baked onto the aluminum, so they won’t fade over time. A quality option at a budget price, aluminum blinds are always a good fit in the classroom.



Is saving on energy costs important? Solar shades  are a great option that are energy efficient - keeping the classroom cool in the summer and warm in the winter. While blocking extreme heat or cold is a key advantage of solar shades, these window coverings also preserve the view to the outside even when closed. And solar shades also reduce glare, making them perfect for the classroom.

Whichever style and functionality combination you’re looking for in classroom window coverings, Select Blinds Canada has you covered. The right window blinds are an important element in making the classroom the best learning environment it can be. Allowing in the right amount of natural light, reducing energy costs and providing a durable window covering solution are just some of the benefits you can expect with any of these blinds or shades. And you’ll also enjoy stylish window coverings in a wide range of colours, patterns and fabrics, so you can design the ideal classroom environment.

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