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Frequently Asked Questions about Motorized Window Coverings
Q – What types of products can be motorized?
A - All product types can be motorized, but some size limitations exist and not every product we sell offers motorization as an option. Click here to see all products with motorization.
Q – Can I remove the antenna from the motor?
A - No. This will void your warranty and possibly prevent the motor from being able to respond to the remote control.

 Q – How are motorized window coverings powered?
A - There are 3 types of motors: wirefree, plug-in low voltage, and plug-in high voltage
 Q – What type of wire free motors are there?
A - Traditional battery power with a reloadable wand, upgrading to an AC adaptor, solar pack
 Q – How long do the batteries last?
A - Battery life isn't guaranteed as it will vary depending upon how large your window covering is and how often you use it, but should last from 12-18 months in optimal usage conditions.
 Q – How Do I replace the Batteries? / What kind of Batteries do I need/use?
A - Disconnect the reloadable battery wand from the motor, remove the cap and change the old batteries for new ones. Be sure to use ONLY AA Lithium batteries and do not combine old batteries with new. When inserting the new batteries, be sure to observe the polarity as shown on the outside of the Battery Wand. Most motors take 8 AA Lithium Batteries
 Q – Do I have other Power Options?
A - You have 2 upgrade options to Power Wirefree Motors:
-        Dual Battery Wand
-        Plug-in Transformer
 Q – What is a Dual Battery Wand?
A - A Dual Battery Wand is simply two of our Reloadable Battery Wands connected with an included Y-Harness directly to the motor.
It doubles the lifespan of your batteries.
 Q – If someone already purchased a Reloadable Battery Wand and wants to upgrade to a Dual, is this possible?
A - Yes! The Dual is just an additional Reloadable Wand with a Y-harness.
 Q – What is a Plug-in AC Adaptor ?
A - A Plug-in Transformer is like a plug you would use for your laptop or your cell phone. It has a "wall wart" transformer that plugs into a standard power outlet and takes the 110V power coming from the wall and transforms it down to the 12V DC needed by the motor.
It replaces the Battery wands and makes the power for your shade maintenance free.
 Q – How long is the cord?
A - The included cord is 25' long, but can be trimmed to adjust to shorter distances between the motor and the power outlet.
Q – What are some ways to hide the cord?
A - You can use decorative side treatments, furniture or wire casing (sold at any hardware or home improvement store) to hide the cord.
 Q – What is a solar pack?
A- A solar pack comes with a rechargeable battery which collects solar energy in order to recharge. For this product, there may be over 5 years of life expectancy
 Q –What is the difference between plug-in high and plug-in low voltage motors
A- High Voltage motors run on AC (alternate current), while Low Voltage motors run on DC (direct current). High voltage motors run on 120-volt power supply while low voltage motors need 24 volts only. For low voltage motors, limited range and power exist
 Q – Are there any options for quiet motors?
A- Low voltage plug in motors exert only 44 decibels of noise, making this the quietest motor. This option is available on high voltage plug in motors as well, but only on the smallest sizes of window coverings.
 Q – How are motorized window coverings controlled?
A - All of our motorized window coverings are controlled via RTS - Radio Technology Somfy. RTS is a radio technology (like your garage door) that can communicate with the MWC from up to 65 feet through two concrete walls and up to 100 feet in open air. No line of site is required.
 Q – What is the Range?
A - No line of site is required to control RTS products. They can communicate with the MWC from up to 65 feet through two concrete walls.
Range can be decreased by building construction and the presence of other radio devices (radio signals) in the air. Trouble zones to note are homes or /buildings very close to airports and radio towers
 Q – Will my remotes interfere with other controls in my home?
A - They should not cause interference by themselves.
If there is interference, contact Somfy for additional troubleshooting.
 Q – What happens if my remote controls my neighbour’s shades?
A - This will not happen. RTS uses 16 million rolling codes to prevent this.

 Q – What Hand Held Options Do I have?
A - Telis 1 - Single Channel
Telis 4 - 5 Channel
Telis 16 - 16 Channel (special order only)
NOTE: a channel is used to organize your MWC with their controls. A channel is either used to control a single MWC or a group of MWC in sync.
 Q – What colour options do I have?
A - Telis 1 and Telis 4: Pure (white), Silver and Lounge (black) - Single Channel
Telis 16 - 16 Channels - White and Silver
 Q – Can I have more than one MWC on a channel?
A - Yes. You can program shades into groups and sub groups. Each group or sub group requires its own channel.
 Q – How many MWCs can I have in a group?
A - The number of MWC in a group is unlimited. The 65 feet range is the only limiting factor.

 Q – What is a Wall Mounted Remote Control?
A - A Wall Mounted Remote Control is a wireless control, powered with a watch-style battery for extended lifetime, that mounts directly into the wall for easy access. It can be mounted alone or directly next to an existing décor-style switch and simply covered with a dual gang faceplate available at hardware and home improvement stores. Printed labels are included in the box to label each channel for easy reference.
 Q – How many channels do they have?
A - We offer 1 and 5 channel options but 2, 3 and 4 channel options are available through special order.
 Q – What colour options do I have?
A - White, Ivory, Almond and Black
 Q – Do I need an electrical box? / How do I mount it?
A - No. We actually recommend NOT mounting the Wireless Wall Switch in an electrical box at all. Use the mounting template included in the box and if an electrical box is absolutely necessary, it MUST be plastic. A metal electrical box will significantly reduce the range of the switch and may prevent it from working effectively and reliably.
Basic Troubleshooting
 Q – I keep pressing the button to move the MWC in the morning and I have to press it twice to make it work. What's wrong with my system?
A - When the motor has been at rest for an extended amount of time, it goes into rest mode and, to "wake" it back up, you need to press the command button (UP, DOWN or MY) for "one-one-thousand" for best results. A quick press of the button will not be a long enough signal to wake the motor up.
 Step 1 - Conduct an Initial Review
Verify that the motor is powered.
Verify that the light on the remote does come on when pressed
 Step 2 - Does any remote operate the MWC?
NO OPTION 1 OPTION 1 Has the motor has been working before? Has the MWC been operating continuously for 5 full minutes or more? If the MWC has been going up and down for 5 minutes, the motor may have overheated. Let the motor rest for 5 minutes and then see if it begins working again.
NO OPTION 2 Verify that there is no response from any of the channels you might have. If the answer is still no, the motor will need to be programmed. Walk through full programming steps.
NOTE: if the motor does not jog when you press and hold UP and DOWN simultaneously (1st step), verify the TYPE of motor and walk through the RESET and PROGRAMMING from factory MODE sequences.
YES Move to next step.
 Step 3 - Does the MWC move to the fully opened position or the fully closed position when you press and release the UP or the DOWN button on the remote?
NO  If it is only moving while UP or DOWN is being PRESSED, you are in programming mode. Verify the TYPE of motor and walk through the RESET and PROGRAMMING from factory MODE sequences.
YES  Everything should be operating well in this case. Check a few items:
Q1  Has the antenna on the motor been clipped?
no go to Q2
yes  Is there is still some antenna left?
no  The motor has been permanently damaged and the warranty has been voided. Need to have the motor replaced.
yes  Make the antenna that is still remaining straight, and have it pointing away from any metallic surfaces. The motor will not respond consistently if the antenna has been cut and the motor's ability to pick up the radio commands has been damaged. If you cannot get satisfactory results with the little fix, you will need to get a new motor.
Q2  Is the antenna visible? Make the antenna straight and have it pointing away from any metallic surfaces. If there is a fascia being used, the antenna should be peeking out of the fascia.
Q3 Is the remote within range? If not, move closer to the motor.
If it is still not working, verify the TYPE of motor and walk through the RESET and PROGRAMMING from factory MODE sequences.
 Step 3B - if you are not happy with the fully opened or closed positions that are pre-set, you can adjust them.
See instructions/videos.

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