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Designer Room Darkening Sheer Shades

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3.0 (2 reviews)
Add dramatic depth to your windows with the gorgeous bands of zebra shades. The dual layers of room darkening and sheer fabrics allow you to brighten up or darken your room for the ultimate in
Add dramatic depth to your windows with the gorgeous bands of zebra shades. The dual layers of room darkening and More
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*Some or all of the features/options may not be available based on your selections or the requested size.

*Some or all of the features/options may not be available based on your selections or the requested size.

2 Select Size, Mount Type & Quantity W " H "

Mount Type
Mount Type
Mount Type - Inside or Outside Mount Refers to the way in which the blind will be hung, either inside or outside the window opening. Inside mount blinds are mounted inside the window frame opening that is recessed from the wall. Outside mount blinds hang outside the window opening on a wood trim, wall or door. Inside mount is by far the most popular mount and provides a nice clean look and finish to your window.

For inside mounts: please make sure to follow the Measuring Instructions on our site; do not make any deductions in your measurements, as our factory will make all necessary deductions to allow for mounting brackets.

Mount Type – Inside
Mount Type – Outside
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Measure width

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Remember: not all windows are exactly the same even if they look it. Please be sure to measure each window before ordering multiple of the same size window covering.
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3 Select Features

Lift Styles
Safety Shield
Safety Shield is a colour-coordinated shroud that covers the Continuous Cord Loop in compliance with the new Canadian regulations for improved child safety. When in the neutral position at the bottom of the chain, the Safety Shield leaves <22 cms of exposed chain at the top of the shade. To raise or lower the shade, simply raise the Safety Shield shroud and operate the exposed chain at the bottom as you would with a regular Continuous Cord Loop.
Cordless Lift
Shade is "cordless" and is raised and lowered by pulling on the shade itself.
Motorization allows you to open and close your blinds from up to 35 feet away with the push of a button on a remote control. Please be sure to add one remote control per order, and select “No remote” when ordering up to an additional 14 motorized blinds for the same room (since one remote control will work on up to 15 blinds).
Remote Control & Charger (not included)
Remote Control & Charger (not included)
At least one remote and charger is needed per order. The 15-channel handheld remote control can operate up to 15 shades within this same room.
Headrail Options ?
Headrail Options
2 blinds or shades mounted on the same headrail. Typically this is to cover a large window where the size is too large to allow a single shade. Each blind or shade on the headrail will have its own set of controls so one blind may be open while the other is closed. We recommend splitting very large blinds into two blinds on one headrail. If it is recommended that your blind be split you can still choose to have it manufactured as one single blind, however, it will void the manufacturer's warranty.
Standard Headrail
2 Blinds on 1 Headrail
Curved Cassette
The curved cassette is constructed from high-grade aluminum in a matte finish. Available in White, Linen, Anodized, Brown or Black.
Valance Colours
Curved Cassette with Fabric Wrap
The curved cassette with fabric wrap has the same fabric as the shade wrapped around the front of the cassette. The end caps are available in White, Linen, Anodized, Brown or Black.
Valance Colour
*Some or all of the features/options may not be available based on your selections or the requested size.

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Product Information


You don’t have to choose between style and functionality when it comes to your window treatments - these luxurious zebra shades have it all!

Zebra shades feature dual fabrics with sheer and opaque bands that let you control the amount of natural light coming into the room. When the bands on both pieces of fabric are matched together, you get the look of horizontal blinds when the slats are open, including an outside view and incoming light. To block out most light and increase privacy, simply rotate the fabric so that the solid colour bands fill the entire shade, darkening the room and giving more of the look of a traditional roller shade. 

Raise and lower this custom zebra with the continuous cord loop lift, which is covered with Safety Shield, a colour-coordinated shroud that covers the cord in compliance with the new Canadian regulations for improved child safety. Upgrade to the cordless system, or discover the ease of automation with motorized lift operation for control at the touch of a button.  

Love the look but prefer to let the sunshine filter in? Consider browsing our Designer Light Filtering Sheer Shades.


  • Continuous Cord Loop with Safety Shield System for child safety
  • Aluminum bottom bar is colour-coordinated to valance colour
  • Cassette headrail included
  • STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified. Click for a list of fabrics which have been tested for harmful substances, assuring they are safe for your family and home.
  • Size of solid band is between 3” and 4 ¾” depending on the fabric.


Recommendations and Limitations

  • Inside mount: 1/8” (+/- 1/8”) total deduction on width taken at factory to ensure a proper fit. Do not attempt to account for deductions by changing measurements on inside mount shades.
  • Fabric colour can vary from one dye lot to another. To ensure that all materials are from the same dye lot, please order shades for the same room at the same time.
  • 1 1/8” to 1 5/8” total fabric deduction on width taken at factory. Some lift systems require more room on the roller to operate, resulting in a slightly larger light gap on one side. Do not attempt to account for fabric deductions by changing measurements on inside mount shades.
    • Drive side: 7/8” Opposite Side: 5/8”
    • Light gaps and deductions may vary +/- 1/8
  • Safety Shield system with both width and lengths larger than 72” include a lift assist mechanism that reduces the effort required to operate the shade.
  • Safety Shield cover is colour-coordinated to fabric (white or black). Length of Safety Shield is determined at factory based on height of shade. Note: The Safety Shield length is 5” to 7” shorter than the chain length depending on valance selection.

Length of Shade

Chain Length



       30” to 40”


       40” to 50”


       50” to 60”


       60” to 70”


       70” to 80”




Specifications and Installation
  • Safety Shield: 6” – 144”
  • Cordless: 10” – 144”
  • Motorization: 23” – 144”
  • Safety Chain: 6” – 120”
  • Cordless: 6” – 85”
  • Motorization: 6” – 120”
Min inside-mount depth
  • 1 5/8”
Min flush-mount depth
  • 4 1/16”
Headrail dimensions
  • 3 13/16” D x 3 9/64” H


STRANGULATION HAZARD — Young children can be strangled by cords. Immediately remove this product if a cord longer than 22 cm or a loop exceeding 44 cm around becomes accessible.

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Worst buying experience ever
I bought 3 blinds almost a month ago and still can’t hang them up. They sent too small of brackets the first time. It takes them an entire 24 hours to reply to an email about it. They blame the manufacturer, the manufacturer takes a few days to send out wrong amount and colour of brackets the second time. It takes them another 24 hours to answer an email again. Blame the manufacturer again and then 4 days later still no word on when they will bother to ship new brackets. Hands down my worst buying experience and customer service I have ever had.
Reply from Select Blinds:
We hope you are happy now that the proper brackets were delivered. Apologies for the issue with the brackets - it is very rare, but when a part is missing, we do try and get customers the parts as soon as possible. We are always here if you have any questions or need any assistance. Enjoy the blinds!

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Product Reviewed:
good value
I purchased zebra blinds for a patio door. Following the on-line instructions is straight forward. Material selected was as expected and blinds operate well.

Would you recommend this site to a friend? Yes

Product Reviewed:
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