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Cozy Roman Shades

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Bring a touch of cozy chic comfort into your home with this collection of velvety soft and smooth fabrics.
Bring a touch of cozy chic comfort into your home with this collection of velvety soft and smooth fabrics. More
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*Some or all of the features/options may not be available based on your selections or the requested size.

*Some or all of the features/options may not be available based on your selections or the requested size.

2 Select Size, Mount Type & Quantity W " H "

Mount Type
Mount Type
Mount Type - Inside or Outside Mount Refers to the way in which the blind will be hung, either inside or outside the window opening. Inside mount blinds are mounted inside the window frame opening that is recessed from the wall. Outside mount blinds hang outside the window opening on a wood trim, wall or door. Inside mount is by far the most popular mount and provides a nice clean look and finish to your window.

For inside mounts: please make sure to follow the Measuring Instructions on our site; do not make any deductions in your measurements, as our factory will make all necessary deductions to allow for mounting brackets.

Mount Type – Inside
Mount Type – Outside
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Remember: not all windows are exactly the same even if they look it. Please be sure to measure each window before ordering multiple of the same size window covering.
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3 Select Features

Lift Styles
Cordless Lift
The child-safe cordless lift system lets you raise and lower the shades by simply pulling on the bottom rail.
Motorization allows you to open and close your blinds from up to 80 feet away with the push of a button on a remote control. Please be sure to add one remote control per order (either 5 or 15 channel), and select “No remote” when ordering additional motorized blinds for the same room (since one remote control will work on up to 5 or 15 blinds).
Remote Control (not included)
Remote Control (not included)
At least one remote is needed per order. The multi-channel remotes can operate shades from up to 80 ft away.
Continuous Cord Loop
Engineered to make pulling your blinds easier. This option adds a measure of safety, and is great for those large windows.
Lift Cord Location
Lift Cord Location
Location of the cord that is pulled to raise and lower the blind.
Chain Style
Why is this unavailable?
Standard Liner
Add a standard liner to increase privacy and block additional light. Some light will still filter through, so it’s a great choice if you don’t want all light to be blocked out.
Liner Colour
Blackout Liner
Choose the blackout liner if you want to block extra light and increase your privacy. These are great for bedrooms, baby nurseries, and home theaters. Some light will still come through at the edges of the window or door, causing a slight halo effect.
Fold Style
Flat Fold
A traditional flat fold is recommended for fabrics with a pattern.
Soft Fold
A soft fold is best with solid or textured fabrics. It is not recommended for fabrics with a pattern that will be interrupted by the folds.
6" Valance
6" valance upgrade recommended for outside mount and inside mount applications that will not be flush.
*Some or all of the features/options may not be available based on your selections or the requested size.

4 Select Options

*Some or all of the features/options may not be available based on your selections or the requested size.

5 Select Warranty Options Details

Product Information


These cascading roman shades can make any space feel cozier and warmer thanks to the ultra-soft fabrics in this collection. The unique texture of these opulent window treatments is soft to the touch, and the finish adds a sophisticated touch to any room. Choose from a selection of velvet and chenille fabrics in classic hues that will weave themselves seamlessly into any home décor setting.

Add a privacy or blackout liner to adapt these shades to any room in your home. Choose the flat fold style for a more modern look, or the soft fold for an elegant, more traditional style.  Add a 6” valance to finish the look.

You can also upgrade to a motorized lift system for the ultimate in convenience with operation of your shades at the touch of a button.

And for faster installation without the need for any tools, select the no-tools installation headrail – only available from Select Blinds Canada!


  • High-quality, easy-care fabrics


  • Standard or blackout liner available
  • Flat or soft fold styles
  • Cordless option
  • Budget-friendly motorized remote control upgrade
  • No-tools installation headrail option

Recommendations and Limitations

  • Factory will deduct approximately 1/2 inch from the width on inside mount orders to ensure a proper fit.
  • Fabric headrails available as an option with cordless lift system only. Motorized lift options includes built-in metal headrails with fabric attached to front only.
  • Multiple shade orders of different heights may not have the same size pleats. We recommend ordering all shades using the longest length in the room.
  • Valance upgrade available with cordless lift systems only.
  • Outside mount valances come with valance returns.
  • Fabric will fall 2+ inches from the wall on outside mount. We recommend 4+ inches be added to the width of your shade when outside mounting to prevent light gaps.
  • Soft fold is only available with standard light filtering liner or blackout liner.
  • Liner colour will be visible from street. Colour of unlined shades will be seen from the street.
  • Fabric colour can vary from one dye lot to another. To ensure that all materials are from the same dye lot, please order shades for the same room at the same time.
  • Fabric roman shades may have some wrinkles after installation. Most minor wrinkling will smooth out within a few days. For faster results, you can use a garment steamer on the back of the shade, but please be careful to avoid any contact with the fabric.
  • Cordless shades should be raised slowly for optimal performance.
  • Hold down brackets are not available on this product
  • The no-tools installation headrail comes in white and is only available for inside mount.
  • No-tools installation headrail max width: 87”. Max height: 75”. 2 1/2" of depth to install is required.
  • The locking mechanism on the no-tools installation headrail will be located on the right side for Cordless and Motorized options.
  • IMPORTANT MEASURING TIP: If the no-tools installation headrail is chosen, measure the exact width of the top of your window frame and use those measurements as your width. Do NOT take the smallest of the three measurements, which may cause your headrail to not fit properly.
Specifications and Installation
  • 18" -  90 1/2" Cordless Lift
  • 23 5/8" - 94" Motorization
  • 19 3/4" - 72" Cordless Lift
  • 16" - 106" Motorization
Min inside-mount depth
  • 2 1/4”
Min flush-mount depth
  • 2 3/4"
Headrail dimensions
  • 7/8" H x 2" D Cordless Lift
  • 1 1/2" H x 1 5/16" D Motorization


STRANGULATION HAZARD — Young children can be strangled by cords. Immediately remove this product if a cord longer than 22 cm or a loop exceeding 44 cm around becomes accessible.

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