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Designer Hybrid Shutters

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Homeowners love the distinctive look of shutters, which are unique in adding value, beauty and sophistication to any room in the house. The Designer Hybrid Shutters blend the timeless elegance More
Homeowners love the distinctive look of shutters, which are unique in adding value, beauty and sophistication to More
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*Some or all of the features/options may not be available based on your selections or the requested size.

*Some or all of the features/options may not be available based on your selections or the requested size.

2 Select Size, Mount Type & Quantity
W "
H "

Mount Type
Mount Type
Mount Type - Inside or Outside Mount Refers to the way in which the blind will be hung, either inside or outside the window opening. Inside mount blinds are mounted inside the window frame opening that is recessed from the wall. Outside mount blinds hang outside the window opening on a wood trim, wall or door. Inside mount is by far the most popular mount and provides a nice clean look and finish to your window.

For inside mounts: please make sure to follow the Measuring Instructions on our site; do not make any deductions in your measurements, as our factory will make all necessary deductions to allow for mounting brackets.

Mount Type – Inside
Mount Type – Outside
Enter Measurements
Measure width

Measure height

Select Quantity
Remember: not all windows are exactly the same even if they look it. Please be sure to measure each window before ordering multiple of the same size window covering.
Room Name

3 Select Features

Window Tilt
Window Tilt
Does your window tilt open? Windows that tilt in will not work with inside mount shutters. Please select Outside Mount under Mount Type.
Depth of Window (To The Nearest Obstruction)
Depth of Window (To The Nearest Obstruction)
Measure from the front of the window opening to the obstacle that projects furthest from the back of the window, such as a handcrank, ledge, etc. This will give the depth measurement which will determine the louver clearance that you need.

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Please select below
Louver Size
Louver Size
The size of the louver will determine the amount of light the shines through. The 3 ½” louver is the traditional choice. The 2 ½” louver is commonly used for shallower window frames while the 4 ½” is used for deeper window frames and when more visibility to the outside is desired.
Frame Type
Frame Type
When choosing a frame, we recommend an outside mount frame to ensure the perfect fit as not all windows are perfectly square. An outside mount frame will cover up any flaws in the shape of the window as well as prevent light gaps. Plus, you’ll have more options with louvers if you have a shallow window.
Number of Frame Sides
Number of Frame Sides
4 sided frame is for traditional rectangular windows and can be inside or outside mounted. 4 sided with sill frame is for windows with a bottom sill that protrudes or extends out from the wall. If you have a window sill, you must choose the 4 sided with sill frame option or your shutters may not be able to be installed.
Panel Configuration
Panel Configuration
Choose how you want your shutter panels configured, including the number of panels and which sides are hinged. The hinged side is where the shutters panel will attach to the frame. Left or Right identifies the side the hinges are located and the side in which that panel opens out toward. Single panels are ideal for smaller widths, while multiple panels are recommended for wider windows. Multiple panels separated with a T-post center support is recommended for extra wide windows.
*Why is this unavailable?
Feature Unavailable
Min width 32 inch.
*Why is this unavailable?
Feature Unavailable
Min width 34 inch.
*Why is this unavailable?
Feature Unavailable
Min width 36 inch.
Hinge Colour
Hinge Colour
Choose the colour of your hinge to match or accent your shutters.
Tilt Type
Tilt Type
Front tilt is the traditional tilt type for shutters. A hidden rear tilt will move the bar to the back and side. This will provide a clean, streamlined look. To tilt the shutters, simply move one louver and the rest will follow.
Dividing Rail
Dividing Rail
Divider rails add strength to the panel and allow you to operate the top louvers independently from the bottom louvers. For example, the lower section of louvers can be closed to provide privacy while the upper section remains open to allow for an outside view.

While the most common placement of a divider rail is in the exact center of the panel or at a natural break, you are able to specify how high you want your divider rail to be from the bottom of the shutter. (Measurement for the divider rail will be to the center +/- allowance)
*Why is this unavailable?
Feature Unavailable
Min height for a dividing rail is 38 inch.
Will This be Next to Another Shutter?
Will This be Next to Another Shutter?
Please let us know if this shutter will be next to or in the same room as another shutter in your order. We will make every effort to match the number of louvers per panel and the height of the dividing rail (if necessary) as near as possible.
*Some or all of the features/options may not be available based on your selections or the requested size.

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Product Information


Homeowners love the distinctive look of shutters, which are unique in adding value, beauty and sophistication to any room in the house.

The Designer Hybrid Shutters blend the timeless elegance of hardwood frames with the long-lasting durability & resiliency of solid poly panels – all at an affordable price. These shutters don’t fold under the pressure of brutal winters or humid summers, and will maintain their shape, colour and value for years to come. These hybrid shutters also insulate your windows better than all-wood shutters to help keep your energy costs low and your home comfortable all year round.

The sleek, no cord design makes these shutters a great addition to homes with kids and pets. Even with active kids and energetic pets in the house, the laser-baked painted finish keeps your shutters resilient and prevents fading, scratches and chips.

It’s virtually impossible to find a hue that doesn’t complement your existing colour scheme with our neutral colour palette. Unlock your inner designer and customize your Designer Hybrid Shutters using a combination of multi-panel configurations, frames and louver sizes. Even your hinges can be colour-coordinated to match your shutters.

See the colours in person before you decide. Order your free samples today!

  • Solid wood frames and durable poly panels for long-lasting beauty
  • Energy efficient – keeping your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer
  • Moisture resistant, antimicrobial poly panels
  • Scratch and fade resistant


  • Choose from 8 different panel configurations
  • 5 frame types
  • 6 hinge colours/finishes
  • Available in 2 1/2", 3 1/2" or 4 1/2" louvers - choose smaller louvers for smaller windows and larger louvers for larger windows and better views to the outside
  • Front tilt or hidden rear tilt

Measuring Considerations

  • To avoid light gaps around the frame, consider ordering an outside mount frame.  
  • When ordering outside mount shutters, please ensure you read our Measuring & Installation tab to ensure you are entering the correct measurements for your shutters.
  • To avoid excess louver overlap, a minimum of 18" is required between divider rail and the top/bottom rail of the shutter.
  • Shutters over 74" in height need to have a dividing rail.  
  • Shutters with a hidden tilt and over 52" are required to have a dividing rail.
  • When ordering adjacent shutters in the same room, to achieve a uniform appearance you must specify that all adjacent shutters and their divider rails be the same height. 


Recommendations and Limitations

  • Measuring for shutters is very important. Please ensure you are selecting the correct measurements. Don't hesitate to contact one of our shutter experts and we can help guide you through the process. Check out our Measuring & Installation tab for more information.
  • When considering an inside mount frame, you should measure on the diagonal (from corner to corner) each way. If these measurements are more than 1/2" off from each other, you should consider ordering an outside mount frame.
  • If your windows tilt in, you should consider an outside mount frame. An inside mount frame will prevent you from opening your windows.
  • Trim molding can affect the installation of your shutters. Ideally, not having trim molding works best. 
  • If you window has a sill then you need to choose the 4 Sided with Sill Frame option to ensure your shutters can be installed properly.
  • Do not use the tilt bar to open and close your shutters. This bar's purpose is to move all the louvers at the same time. To open or close, gently move one louver in the direction you desire and the rest will follow.
  • A replacement louver is included with each shutter. This should be stored in a safe place, wrapped up and laid flat (so there will not be any warping). The spare louver will match perfectly since they are produced at the same time as your shutter.
  • 36" maximum width for single panel.
  • Pre-drilled installation holes are strategically placed on all frames for accurate, quick and clean installation. Some assembly is required.
  • If your louvers are loose and don't stay in place, each shutter panel has a tension screw on both sides. Simply use a screwdriver to turn each tension screw a 1/4 of a turn. Do this on both sides of the panel.
Specifications and Installation

10" - 120" 


16" - 102" 

Min Inside-Mount Depth

1 1/2" required for 2 1/2" louver
1 7/8" required for 3 1/2" louver
2 3/8" required for 4 1/2" louver

Min Outside-Mount Depth

1/8" required for 2 1/2" louver
5/8" required for 3 1/2" louver
1 1/8" required for 4 1/2" louver

Single Panel Width

8" - 36" 


  Outside Mount Width & Height Frame Additions  
Frame Type 4 sided 4 sided with sill
7/8" Modern & 7/8" Beaded Classic Add 4" to your window width & height Add 4" to your window width & 2" to your height
2" Deco with Insert Add 5 1/2" to your window width & height Add 5 1/2" to your window width & 2 3/4" to your height


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If you are planning to order Designer Collection blinds, shades, or shutters, but prefer to have the measuring done before you add blinds and shades to your cart, then you’ve come to the right place! As long as you do ultimately order any Designer Collection items, you can take advantage of our $249 Professional Measuring & Installation Special. Please note that if you are not going to be ordering any Designer Collection items, then your order will not be eligible for this special, however you can still order Professional Measuring and Installation here


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2. When you place your order for your Designer Collection Blinds/Shades/Shutters
  • a. Once again add the $249 Special Measurement & Installation to your cart
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*Please note that although the $249 is non-refundable, your gift certificate can be used any time in the next year when you purchase your Designer Collection blinds and shades

Installation into concrete walls or ceiling ($13 per blind)
Blinds have to be removed ($7 per blind)
Disposal of blinds ($50 for up to 20 blinds)
Installation at heights over 10' (Install cost x2)
Installation in a condo $45

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