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Help Me Choose

Selecting which blind is right for you can be a daunting task. We'll try to help you by providing you with some information that can help you with your decision. Just click on any of the links below for some helpful tips.

By Need:

orange bullet Windows With a Great View
orange bullet Very Big Windows
orange bullet French Doors
orange bullet Bay Window
orange bullet Sliding Doors
orange bullet Second Story Windows
orange bullet Strong Direct Sun
orange bullet Hard To Reach Windows
orange bullet Dressing Your Front Of House Windows
orange bullet Blocking Very Bright Outside Light
orange bullet Pets, Kids And 'High Abuse' Areas
orange bullet Windows In Humid Areas

By Room:

Master Bath Master Bath
Kitchen Kitchen
Living Room Living Room
Nursery Nursery
Master Bedroom Master Bedroom
Media Room Media Room
Study/Home Office Study/Home Office

Windows With A Great View
If you're concerned about blocking the scenic view, look for window treatments that pull up as tightly as possible (if you're mounting them inside the window frame). Honeycomb Shades are a popular choice for this reason. In addition, the Top down-Bottom up option makes them so versatile when it comes to combining privacy with unobstructed views.

Note that Wood Blinds have the bulkiest stack, with 1" having the biggest because they have twice as much wood.

The other way to go is to mount your blinds or shades outside the window frame. So for example, with the product mounted above the window opening, any product can be fully raised so that it is stored entirely above the actual window, leaving you with 100% of that great view!

Windows With A Great View

Very Big Windows
When it comes to covering a window that is very wide and long, the weight of the blind could become a factor when it comes to raising and lowering it. From a practical point of view, the weight may make it difficult to operate; from a mechanical perspective, the weight may overload the raise/lower mechanism and lead to malfunctioning. Fortunately, there are several options to avoid this. 

Continuous Cord Loop is one option which will it make it easier to raise and lower the blinds.

Some blinds offer a Cordless option which also makes it easier to operate the shades.

Another option to consider is dividing one large blind into multiple blinds on a single headrail, or order multiple blinds and install them side-by-side. If you have multiple windows within a single opening, as is often the case, you may want to divide up the blinds to line up with the windows. When you do this, order ONE valance (referred to as the 'Common Valance' option on our site) to cover all the headrails to give the unified look of one single product.

Very Big Windows

French Doors
Dressing a door is really not much different from dressing a window. In fact, any blind that you would choose for a window can also be chosen for a door.  So if you're looking for a consistent look for the room, don't hesitate to use the same products on the doors as you are on the windows.

French Doors

And if you're worried about blinds flopping around as the door opens and closes, it's 'hold down brackets' to the rescue! Just specify these in the notes section when ordering your blinds, and this free option can be easily fastened at the bottom of the door. Your window covering can be easily removed from the bracket whenever you want to raise it.

French Doors

Bay Window

Bay windows can be dressed the same as any other window. The key here is to make sure the proper measurements are taken, in order to minimize the possible gaps where products "meet". See our Measuring Instructions for details.

Bay Window

Sliding Doors
The most popular choice for sliding doors, commonly used as patio doors, are Verticals. They can be installed within the frame (as an Inside Mount) or over the glass (as an Outside Mount).

Growing in popularity are horizontal blinds with a two-on-one headrail option, to make it easier to get out (you can raise one side and leave the other down).

Sliding Doors

Second Story Windows
Products with the Top down-Bottom up feature are popular for windows on upper levels, since they allow you to cover the bottom half of your window while not blocking your view. For instance, for a bedroom or bathroom, you can still enjoy the outside view while at the same time blocking people from seeing into the room.

Second Story Windows

Strong Direct Sun
If you're looking for something that will 'beat the heat', Honeycomb shades (also known as Cellular Shades) are a great choice for their superior insulation properties.  The more honeycomb cells (the most is 2) and the larger the cell size (the largest is 3/4"), the better the insulation.  Also, keep in mind that Room Darkening cellular shades will block more sun than Light Filtering ones, with Blackout Shades offering the most sun blockage.

Strong Direct Sun

Hard To Reach Windows
Some windows may be in high up or hard to reach places, but they still need window coverings! One possibility is to simply order extra long cords or wands so you can open or close a product.

Strong Direct Sun

Another option is Motorized Shades. Many Honeycomb Shades and blinds can be made with a remote control. Some horizontal blinds also offer a remote control, motorized tilt option.

Dressing Your Front Of House Windows
Many people like the front of the house window coverings to have the same uniform look. But how uniform is something that is ultimately up to you and your personal preferences.

It is popular to have all the front products in a white or off-white colour. If that is the look you are after, keep in mind you can still have colour on the inside-facing sides of some shades (such as Honeycomb Shades) while still having all white backings facing the window towards outside.

If maintaining some symmetry to the look of your home is important to you, then you should probably stick to using similar products across the front. Another way to achieve a symmetrical look is to use one type of window covering for the first floor and another for the second. Remember, it's your house, so go with whatever you feel is appropriate.

Blocking Very Bright Outside Light
The No Holes Privacy Option, available on many blinds and shades, offers an extra level of light blockage as it eliminates route holes from the product. This option is ideal for window coverings in for example a TV room, for a window near a computer monitor, or to prevent a bright security light from shining through into your bedroom.

Blackout Shades are also an excellent choice where you need as much light blocked as possible.

Blocking Very Bright Outside Light

Pets, Kids And 'High Abuse' Areas
The Child Safety Cordless option, available on most Honeycomb Shades, is one less thing to worry about when it comes to window coverings within reach of pets and children. The elimination of cords hanging down both increases safety while decreasing the chances of the blind or shade being mis-handled.

Faux Wood Blinds are also good choices to consider since they are more durable than wood blinds and are easier to clean.

Pets, Kids And 'High Abuse' Area

Windows In Humid Areas
All quality blinds, shades and shutters are water resistant. Even good wood blinds are varnished and will perform well under humid conditions.

Non-wood products, such as Faux Wood blinds which are made of PVC, are preferred choices for very humid areas, and one of the only choices for extremely humid areas such as a window located in a shower.

Windows In Humid Areas

Master Bath:
While humidity won't necessarily harm any quality window treatments, even wood blinds, the best choice for treating areas such as a window in the shower are Faux Wood blinds.

For additional privacy, consider blinds with the No Holes Privacy option.

If you choose Vertical Blinds, then keep in mind the approximately 1/2" gap below the vertical vanes near the window sill (on an inside mount), and decide if that is going to be sufficient privacy for you, especially if the window is near your bath tub.

Master Bath

In areas prone to stray splashes, cleanability is a key consideration. Window coverings by a sink should be easy to clean. Faux wood and Aluminum blinds are top choices for this reason. Stick to colours and patterns with smooth finishes, as opposed to rough (such as embossed).


Living Room:
For an upscale look, consider Sheer Shades. Popular and stylish, they give any window a touch of elegance with the functionality of a light filtering or room darkening shade.

Living Room

Nothing is more important than the safety of your children. Make sure that baby's cribs and toddlers beds are not positioned near blinds and shades.

We encourage you to order Honeycomb shades, most of which offer the Cordless Child Safety feature. Roller Shades with spring mechanisms are also popular due to their cordless nature.

If you do order shades or blinds with cords, make sure to also request cord cleats (free of charge). These are handy add-ons that install into the wall near where the cords hang, and then you can wind the otherwise hanging cords around the cleats, safely out of child's reach.

Finally, make sure that whatever blinds you order are not the ones with hazardous lead; none of SelectBlindsCanada's blinds contain lead.

Since darkening the room as much as possible is important, Blackout Honeycomb shades are ideal. Blinds with the No Holes Privacy option are also good choices.


Master Bedroom:
If a dark room is what you are after, then consider Blackout Shades. Available as Honeycombs, Roller Shades and Roman Shades, they offer the best light blocking properties.

Horizontal blinds also offer good light blocking when combined with the No Holes Privacy option, so there are less holes for light to creep through.

Master Bedroom

Media Room:
For areas requiring as much darkness as possible,Blackout Honeycomb Shades are a popular choice.

If you prefer Wood, Faux Wood or Aluminum Horizontal blinds, choose the No Holes Privacy option so that there are no route holes for the light to shine through.

Media Room

Study/Home Office:
For a simple yet classic designer look, consider Wood blinds. Also see the related section on dressing your front of house windows.

Study/Home Office

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