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Motorized blinds allow you to control your window coverings via remote control for fun & simple operation. Here are just a few reasons to consider upgrading to motorized window coverings.

Home Automation

Home automation means you can pre-set your motorized blinds to open on their own at a designated time in the morning, and close at a pre-set time at night. Automated blinds mean one less thing to think about during your busy day.

Ideal for High, Hard-to-Reach Windows

If you have oversized or high windows that are hard to access, it doesn’t mean you have to leave them open or closed all the time. Motorized blinds make controlling out-of-reach windows safe and hassle free. No chairs or ladders required.


Automated blinds can improve living situations for seniors and people with mobility issues. Operating window coverings with the touch of a button can give independence to those who would otherwise have to rely on others to open and close their blinds.

Automated Blind Styles

With motorized window coverings, you will have many style options from which to choose.


With the convenience of a remote control, you can raise and lower your honeycomb/cellular shades from anywhere in your house. Cellular shades are also energy-efficient and can help lower your home energy costs – keeping your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.


Sheer shades are a light, versatile option that combine the soft beauty of shades with the functionality of blinds.


Roller shades offer a wide variety of patterns and colours. Whether you choose a basic or designer style, motorization works well with any roller shade.


Real wood blinds give your home a classic look and feel, and motorized wood blinds provide you with modern-day convenience, letting you tilt the slats with the touch of a button.

To learn more about all of our motorized window covering options, feel free to contact our Customer Satisfaction Team.


How do motorized blinds work?

Motorized blinds (also called smart blinds, automatic/automated blinds or electric blinds) incorporate a small motor which gently turns the window covering’s shaft when you use the remote control. This motorized mechanism allows you to raise or lower your blinds at the push of a button (and in the case of horizontal blinds, will also let you tilt the slats).

Motorized blinds are the ultimate in convenience & safety, with a clean/streamlined look – no dangling cords, chains or wands.

How are motorized blinds powered? How do I recharge?

All motorized blinds from Select Blinds Canada are battery operated – no hardwiring required. This makes for easy installation. Each set of blinds with a motorization option will specify the type of power used. Most of our motorized blinds come with rechargeable batteries that last 6-12 months per charge (based on usage), and also include a charger so that you can recharge as needed once or twice per year. Please check the product information of each blind for specifics.

How does the remote control work?

Most of our blinds come with the option of either a 5, 6 or 15 channel remote – meaning you can operate up to 5, 6 or 15 motorized blinds with the same remote. You will need a minimum of one remote to operate your motorized blinds, and we typically recommend one remote per room.

Most remotes allow you to raise or lower your blinds (either all the way up or down, or to any point in between). You can also choose to raise/lower all blinds that are controlled by the same remote at one time, or operate each of the blinds individually. Remote controls for horizontal blinds typically allow you to tilt the slats as well.

How much do motorized blinds cost?

The cost of motorized blinds varies based on the specific window blind you choose, but at Select Blinds Canada typically range between $119-$249, with an extra $19-$39 for the remote control. Remember that for most motorized blinds, one remote control can operate up to 5-15 blinds, so you often only need one remote control per room.

We have seen a rise in popularity for motorized blinds over the past few years. While there is an added cost, motorization provides some distinct advantages in convenience, child safety and a clean look (no dangling cords) and accessibility (motorized blinds are a great solution for large or hard-to-reach windows).

How easy is it to install motorized blinds?

Installation is simple. Since all of our motorized blinds are battery/solar operated, no hardwiring is required. Set up is as easy as with our non-motorized blinds.

Are motorized blinds the right choice for me?

Obviously the choice is yours based on your needs, but motorized blinds do offer a lot of advantages which can make your life a little easier (and a lot safer).

Motorized blinds offer the ultimate in convenience, allowing you to raise/lower your blinds at the touch of a button. You can control one set of blinds at a time, or up to 5-15 blinds at once (with a multi-channel remote). Motorized blinds are also the ideal solution for large or hard-to-reach windows and skylights, and are the perfect window treatment for the elderly or people with disabilities, based on the ease of operation.

Safety also comes standard with motorized blinds, as there are no dangling cords which can pose a strangulation risk for kids and pets.

And, finally, motorized blinds offer a clean, streamlined look to best complement your room décor (no cords, chains or wands to get in the way).

What are smart blinds?

The term “smart blinds” is often used interchangeably with “motorized blinds” and “automatic blinds”. However, true smart blinds don’t just operate your blinds through a remote control. Smart blinds typically allow you to operate your blinds through an app on your phone, and allow you to set timers/schedules to control when to open/close your blinds. More and more smart blinds also integrate with smart home systems and voice assistants like Alexa and Google Home.

Select Blinds Canada will be adding new smart blinds upgrades during the next few months, as we continue to expand our motorized blind selection to meet all of our customers’ needs.

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